Zarya, Defender of Russia Enters the Nexus: Heroes of the Storm

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While most of us have had the pleasure of seeing the strength of the Russian defender in action in Overwatch,  she now joins the other heroes in the Nexus. Zarya is a ranged-damage, damage dealer utilizing shields that can absorb damage that then convert to energy which super charges her attacks. Zarya will pair well with Malfurion, Illidan, and Abub’arak. Her foes will be Chen, Lunara, and Zagara.

Primary Abilites
  • Particle Grenade
  • Personal Barrier
  • Shield Ally
Heroic Abilites
  • Graviton Surge
  • Expulsion Zone
  • Energy
  • Pinpoint Accuracy – When you land the perfect Particle Grenade you will be granted 40% bonus damage.
  • Unstoppable Competitor – 1.5 second Personal Barrier.
  • Gain Train – Providing an untalented shield to a nearby ally when you cast Shield Ally. Gain Train will speed up your energy gains and protect your team from critical damage.

Watch the video below highlighting the story of Zarya.


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