Year of the Rooster Overwatch Event Begins

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Blizzard has begun the Year of the Rooster, the newest Overwatch event, today. The event, which features many of the same goodies as other Overwatch events, is styled around the Chinese New Year.

The event itself has been subject to a number of leaks yesterday, with non-English versions of the event trailer hitting the web before the official release this morning. In addition to the event leaks, news of possible of a free week event in china that was leaked by redditor r/hyhl0day over the weekend.

The Year of the Rooster, which features holiday-themed skins, victory poses and sprays, brings with it a new Capture the Flag style Brawl, Capture the Rooster, which has been added to the arcade. Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch Lead Developer, released a new Developer Update video to go along with the release of Capture the Rooster. In the video, Kaplan explained the difficulty of adding the mode and its relationship to Overwatch due to the game’s highlighted movement abilities. 

The event will run from January 24th to the 13th of February. 


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