Wrathion, the Black Prince

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Wrathion, otherwise known as the Black Prince, is the only remaining uncorrupted Black Dragon on Azeroth. For some time, he has played a key factor in the story that is Warcraft. It is impossible for any of us to know what his true motives are; however, we may be able to get an idea if we take a look at his backstory. As one would expect with any Dragon, he started as an egg. He was one of the brood of the Black Dragon Nyxondra. She was captured by a member of the Red Dragonflight by the name of Rheastrasza or Rhea.

Rheastrasza traveled to the Badlands in search of a way to purify the Black Dragonflight. To do this, she required eggs to conduct tests. Nyxondra was held against her will by Rheastrasza.  If you played through the Badlands Questline, you may remember when Rheastrasza recruits the players to aid her with the purification process. With the aid of the gnome, Dr. Hieronymus Blam, they are able to successfully purify an egg.  This purified egg will hatch to become the Prince we know as Wrathion. With the danger of the Black Dragonflight in the Badlands, the egg was sent away to a safer location. I will not spoil the entire story however, I do recommend going to the Badlands to complete this quest series as it is very well done. The quest chain begins at Rhea in the Badlands with First Sample: Wild Eggs. If that quest is unavailable for you, make sure you’ve completed Easily Swayed and the subsequent quests first.

Ultimately, the egg arrived in the Twilight Highlands at a Red Dragonflight outpost. At some point while the egg was at Vermillion Redoubt, it disappeared. It would be later that a rogue hero, along with the Red Dragon Mostrasz, track down the purified egg to Ravenholdt Manor. After infiltrating the manor, we discover that the egg has hatched and we meet the young Wrathion in his human form for the first time. Here we also we learn that Dragons have awareness while within their eggs, and that Wrathion heard about the life of captivity planned for him at the hands of the Red Dragonflight. Freed from the corruption of the Old Gods, he sent out the Rogue player to kill the last of the Black Dragons on Azeroth. He also aids in granting the worthy hero a set of legendary daggers known as Golad, Twilight of the Aspects and Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages

Wrathion makes his next appearance in Mists of Pandaria at the Veiled Star. He informs the players that a great darkness is approaching Azeroth and that it will take the combined effort of the Horde and Alliance to fend it off. He believes that the only way for the two factions to work together is if the other is dominated. Through the legendary questline on Pandaria, the players collect various artifacts or items of power for the Prince, in return Wrathion gives the players items to boost their abilities. The items gathered for Wrathion range from pieces of the Sha to Titan artifacts, and the purpose these items will serve remains unknown to this day. During the collection of artifacts you must deal with the Sha, Mogu and Zandalari. Also, during part of the legendary quest you must prove your desire for your faction to win by destroying the opposition in Krasarang Wilds. Near the end of the questline, we are granted a cape through trials against the Celestials, finally the cape is combined with Black Dragon essence creating your very own Legendary item. Wrathion’s final task in Pandaria is for us to kill Garrosh Hellscream. When the the players return to the Tavern, Wrathion is extremely upset that Varian did not dominate the Horde and he storms from the tavern in a fit of rage. It is clear by Wrathion’s behavior that he wished the Alliance would have dominated the Horde at their weakest point. I believe it is also noteworthy that while in Pandaria, Wrathion began building a relationship with Anduin, the Prince of Stormwind. Despite their friendship, their philosophies were often opposed to one another.

Wrathion’s disappearance was short lived however; when it finally comes time for Garrosh’s trial, the young Prince returns with his memorable bodyguards Left and Right. While attending the trial, he continues to have meaningful conversations with Anduin, and even acknowledges Anduin as a friend at one point. Ultimately, Wrathion betrays Anduin’s trust. With the aid of Kairozdormu, the infinite Dragonflight, and the remainder of the Dragonmaw Clan, they are able to break Garrosh out and flee to an alternate reality on Draenor. On Draenor, Wrathion finds himself staying at Admiral Taylor’s garrison as a guest – as long as he never left the garrison. Wrathion returns the love to his host by providing resources to build an inn, but warns Taylor to not trust Ephial, a Human Necromancer who was obsessed with Ley Lines. After Taylor left for the Ring of Blood, Wrathion also departed. Ultimately,  Ephial kills everyone inside the Garrison then raises them as ghosts. The last known sighting of Wrathion is in Zangarra, near Khadgar’s tower: he can be found as a whelp, sitting on a Kirin Tor banner after returning the Tomes of Chaos to Cordana Felsong. Upon sight of the players, Wrathion quickly flees.

Wrathion’s motives still remain hidden, however, he has claimed that as the last Black Dragon, the job given to Deathwing by the Titans is now his task to bear. Through the heroes of Azeroth he has collected large sums of power. This power, along with his great intellect, makes him an extremely powerful young Dragon. Right now I will not be adding any additional lore of Wrathion from the Legion beta, as that will be for a separate article- One where everyone will be fine with spoilers.

The question still remains unanswered: Is he our greatest ally or greatest enemy?

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