WOW Legion 7.2.5 – The Deaths of Chromie

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With the release of Patch 7.2.5., a new in-game focus will be preventing Chromie from dying, by doing “Back to the Future” type stuff. Sadly Chromie will die over and over until we can fix all the timelines where she could die. To begin this new mini-game:

  1. You head to Dalaran and talk to Khadgar for the new quests
  2. You use the Legion portal for Wyrmrest,  in the center of Dalaran, to get to the questing.  

I am predicting this might get boring if you try to do it with many alts.   I hope I am wrong about that.

Here’s a brief preview new items:

Patch 7.2.5. will go live sometime mid-June, 2017. 

H/T – Official World of Warcraft Blog


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