WoW eSports NA Arena Tournament Cup 3 Results

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Weekend 3 of the WOW NA Arena Tournament Cup 3 is over.  Here are the highlights:

  • Frogs in a pond was 2nd in the standings coming into the tournament and didn’t make it to the top 8.
  • Panda Global was 4th in the standings got blown out in two rounds in the top 8 this weekend.
  • Method had two teams which faced off with each other, as the finalist of losing side of the double elimination, with the winner facing the loser of the undefeated teams. The two method teams were very competitive with Synergy(5th in the standing) winning 3-2 over Reborn who was 3rd in the standings.
  • Tempo Storm and UNION met in the Undefeated Semi Final and Tempo Storm dominated to send Union to battle the Method: Synergy.
  • Union 11th coming in Dominated Method: Synergy 3:0 and went back to face Tempo Storm.
  • Tempo Storm 1st in the standing beat UNION again adding to their lead in the standings. UNION coming second moved up from 11th in the standings all the way to 4th.  The top 5 remained the same except for that big move by Union into fourth place
  • Union looked good, and the action was close in the final but Tempo Storm won the last game with ease crushing UNION quickly in the final game, taking the final 3-1.  That one win by Union in the final was the only loss by Tempo Storm.  
  • Tempo Storm has won the second and third regional tournament. 


The TOP 5 teams after the tournament are:

  1. Tempo Storm
  2. Frogs in a Pond
  3. Method Reborn
  4. UNION
  5. Method Synergy

H/T: Wow Esports on Twitch – Watch the top 8 here if you missed it


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