WOW eSports NA Arena Tournament Cup 1 Results

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The first Arena cup is finished. Here is the placement, and points awarded. Watch it now

    1. Panda Global: 160
    2. MeatBalls: 80
    3. Fragment Apparel: 36
    4. Method: 20
    5. Tempo Storm: 12
    6. Vin N Vigar: 12

Highlights – the battles of the best.

  • Panda Global beat Meatballs 3-0 in the final game of the winners’ pool.
  • Meatballs dropped into the bottom bracket and won
  • Meatballs faced Panda Global again and trounced the Pandas 3-0. but being double elimination they went at it again since it was Panda Globals first loss.
  • Panda Global then beat Meatballs 3-1. A great rivalry and a real dog fight.

Panda Global is a bit of an all-star team, made up of 3 NA players from 3 top teams.

The next event is coming up Sunday, May 14th at 11:00 am PDT.

H/T: Wow Blog


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