World Quest Breakdown: Legion

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World Quests are a new daily quest concept being introduced in Legion. While they occur every day, World Quests are different from dailies as we currently know them because they do not reset every day. In Legion, each World Quest has its own timer and the time available varies depending on the level of difficulty.

  • Looking on your map, you will see the world quests marked in each zone. Hovering over the map with your pointer shows all the information you need in regards to the quest.
  • There will be World quests for everything from Pet Battles to Professions to PvP and even gear upgrades.
  • Each realm has the same World Quests so it is easy to find others on your server to quest with. You'll want to find other players and guild members to help you tackle the more challenging quests.
  • Blizzard has created hundreds of these new quests, so the odds of repeating quests are minimal. They will be adding even more throughout Legion as well.
  • There is no cap on the amount of World Quest you can do in a day. It is important to note that completing them does not re-spawn new ones right away.

I have broken down everything here in a concise video to help with visuals, so don't forget to check it out!

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  • Need to be level 110
  • Complete the quest – A World of Quests by earning Friendly with the following main factions in Legion
    • Valajar - Stormhiem
    • Dreamweaver – Val’Sharah
    • High Mountain Tribe - High Mountain
    • Court of Farondis – Azuna
    • The Nightfallen – Suramar

Once this is done you unlock World Quests and get the Flight Masters Whistle which is usable item that Requests a pickup to the nearest flight master. Its only usable in Broken Isles and is on a 5 min cool-down.

There are World Quests for every flavor of game play. The rewards also very based off those types of quests. Here are the types of quests you can get:

  • Solo-able 
    • Icon will have a Normal ! 
  • PvP 
    • Icon will have a Crossed Swords image
  • World Boss
    • Icon will have a Purple ! with a Dragon Border
  • Dungeon and a Group
    • Icon will have a Blue Skull with a Dragon Border
  • Group Rare Elite Mob
    • Icon will have a Blue ! with a Dragon Border
  • Group Less Deadly Elite Mob
    • Icon will have a Normal ! with a Dragon Border
  • Profession
    •  Icon will have that specific profession marker
  • Pet Battle
    • Icon will have a green paw marker

The tool-tips when hovering over will show all the information you will need to know for the quest. This information includes:

  • Quest Name
  • Color difficulty
  • Type of Quest
  • Awards including reputation if that is an award
  • The amount of time left on the quest
  • Objectives needed to complete


  • The ilvl of the rewards will adjust and increase based off your current ilvl
  • World Quest rewards are a base ilvl of 805
  • An elite quest or PvP will be ilvl 815
  • As your item level grows higher, you will get gear with a higher ilvl, which can go up to ilvl 835
  • Gear for dungeon world quests can go up to 840 
  • You can have multiple World Quests up with different ilvl rewards at the same time. The average ilvl of the rewards is based on the ilvl of your gear in your inventory
  • World Quest rewards are like all other loot rewards in Legion, you do have a chance to receive an ilvl boost of plus 5 ilvl increments
  • Warforged will give smaller ilvl boosts
  • Titanforged will give larger ilvl boosts
  • Everyday a new Emissary will offer bonus rewards for completing all 4 quests for that Legion faction
  • Each Emissary goes away after 3 days,  so this gives plenty of time to log in and get it done
  • You will have 3 Emissary Quests at once to available to you
  • Clicking on the Emissary icon will highlight the relevant World Quests 
  • Completing an Emissary quest awards 1500 reputation with the faction for the quest and a satchel with various items



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