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As a guild master, I want to get all my raiders the best gear possible. This is so we can clear through content with ease and can push to the highest tiers of raiding. Currently we’re filling spots for one or two healers and several DPS in our guild. But, to get them to the coveted minimum of 675 for normal Hellfire Citadel, there are many avenues to take. In this article I will discuss the pros and cons of each.

(NOTE: This guide assumes people have done LFR and heroic dungeons.)


Timewalking Dungeons

This is one of my favorite pieces of content for 6.2. It allows us to relive the days of The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, my two favorite expansions. Despite all of your gear being scaled down in these dungeons, it’s still a good way to gear up.

Pro(s): Nostalgia, and it can be done as many times as possible for 660 ilevel gear.

Con(s): It could be unfamiliar to newer players, and is only available on weekends.

Mythic Dungeons

Another introduction to 6.2 is the Mythic Dungeon. Heroic Dungeons become too easy once you start gearing up through raids, and Mythic Dungeons help to cover the gap between 5 man and current raid content. Mythic Dungeons have a chance to drop gear between an item level of 685 and 705.

Pro(s): It’s good for those in small guilds, and it is not time-consuming.

Con(s): You need to pay attention, there is more damage dealt by trash and bosses plus they have more HP.

Old Raid Content

Now that Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry are behind us, it is relatively easy to go back in there and get the gear you need. All boss HP has been reduced by 20% in Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry, so you can kill bosses for quick gear. You can do the Mythic versions of these dungeons cross-realm as well.

Pro(s): Probably the best way to go if your guild schedules alt runs.

Con(s): Long setup time, each group has different strategies and loot rules

So what is the best way to gear up? Thankfully, with the release of 6.2, there are more ways than one to close the gap between hitting 100 and gearing for raids. While raiding is still a difficult endeavor to undertake, gear makes the journey a lot easier, and now Blizzard has given players more options to acquire it.

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