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With my recent articles on the new reputations in patch 6.2 and tips on what you should be doing to prepare for the patch itself, I could not help but notice the negative input that players have towards the new content. Here are some of the recent comments I encountered:


  • “Oh goodie. More reps that consist entirely of ‘kill thousands and thousands of enemies.’ Fun.”
  • “I’m kinda sick of the boar/elephant/rhino mounts. I really never got into them.. I’d like it if they made more horses..”
  • “So when did blizzard forget what was engaging solo endgame content. Both operation shieldwall/dominance offensive and Isle of thunder were amazing. And those were just last expansion. The 5.0 dailies wouldn’t even have been so bad if there hadn’t been the lock behind golden lotus, and the fact that valor gear was tied to the reputations. I am hoping blizzard will hear the community on this, as well as the other issues that have been brought up ad nauseum.”
  • “Meh. Still don’t have the will power to farm crystals”
  • “It is so annoying that they are putting out a very cool hugely expensive new flying mount that you can’t actually fly in this content, and which according to the statements from blizzard lately may not be able to use in any of the new content to come. Ugh!”

These are but a few of the more negative comments towards Blizzard’s new upcoming content, and I feel that these comments reflect how the community feels towards it. There seems to be such an outcry for something different and new. Sure, it’s not extravagant but it is a new area, new dailies, and just new stuff to do. It’ll be good to get out of the Garrisons and have some ‘fresh air’ so to speak. This does not mean I do not agree with the comments listed here. In fact, I think they are right for the most part.

These comments make a strong point. A lot of the Blizzard’s content feels recycled. What I mean here is that it is repetitive. Since Vanilla, there have always been some sort of end game daily hubs where players can earn exalted status and earn some sweet rewards (some better than others of course). I loved the Argent Tournament, though I feel that I was probably the only one. I liked the fact that there were LOTS of things you can purchase with the seals. The Tournament also enabled players to be exalted with main cities at a faster rate (not including the tabard) as well as the Silver Covenant rep. However, it’s the same deal at the of the expansion. Why not create something more engaging to those who may not raid? I would suggest something more interactive rather than creating a new Timeless Isle and an endless grind. It is easy for me to shoot out some suggestions for Blizzard to take into consideration but I think players need to think about where Blizzard stands. I feel that no matter what they do, they are in a “lose/lose” situation. From what it seems, they can’t seem to please the majority of players. One step forward and they take about five steps back in terms of pleasing their audience. So MY question to you guys is, what can they do to make it a better game for the majority?

I mentioned in a previous article I wrote about “How Times Have Changed in World of Warcraft” convenience is what really hurt the game in terms of it being a social one. The fact that you had to mount and use a gryphon or wyvern to fly to your dungeon. The fact that you can sit in any main city or your Garrison and complete the raids and dungeons really hurt the game in the long run. Heck, I can’t imagine being thrown back into Vanilla and it isn’t what I want here. I wish there could be a balance of both convenience and interactivity and I am honestly not sure how they can restore that at this point of the game.

As for the no flying – I get why Blizzard would want to get rid of it for this expansion. The world of Draenor is small and the flight paths (for the most part) don’t take the scenic route. However, what really IRKS me is that they keep introducing more flying mounts! The Dread Raven looks GORGEOUS but we can’t even use it in the main content. I feel like that is poor decision-making on Blizzard’s part. Sure we can use it in other parts of Azeroth but the expansion is what people are PLAYING which means people are mainly in Draenor content. I find it ridiculous to release what is primarily a flying mount in a zone where you can’t fly. It’s obviously not as cool when you waddle with it around Draenor. If you will keep the no flying rule, create some cool ground mounts. The only thing I can think of is that they already had the design made and implemented it. They had intentions of bringing back flying and pretty much said NOPE! Meh. I won’t quit over it but it still grinds my gears.

I think that players may need to consider that the game is over a decade old. So think about it – if you have been playing since the beginning, that’s over 10 years ago. Who were YOU as a person 10 years ago? I know this seems philosophical but I was 14…(yikes). That means a lot of the elements of the game seemed bigger and better for me. I was captivated and emotionally invested in the game. That does not mean I am not as invested today as I was then but the feeling is very different. The game is not as appealing as it once was and that’s okay. I might have grown out of it but it might be that I don’t want to cause it is a huge part of my life. Maybe I want to relive how awesome those Devilsaurs once were in Un’Goro. That sad truth is that all good things come to an end. WoW is not dying nor is it dead – but an outcry has been made to restore that feeling I once had and I feel that I am not alone for this.

An endless grind is not what players want, but what do they really want exactly?

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