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Warcraft – "Warcraft" Score

"Warcraft" by Ramin Djawadi 

From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Universal Pictures’ WARCRAFT.
Digital Soundtrack Available from Back Lot Music June 3rd 
See the film in theaters & buy the album in stores on June 10th.


This is a really impressive musical score and the overall feel is very fitting for the emotional stories within the Warcraft Universe. I wasn't terribly impressed with the music being used in the marketing trailers, however, this final production should make a lot of fans very happy. 

Khadgar Character Video

An apprentice of Medivh, yet already a powerful magic user in his own right.

Garona Character Video

An Orc assassin sent to kill Llane Wrynn, yet joins forces with the Humans.

Lothar Character Video

A Knight-Champion of Stormwind, he is single-handedly one of the strongest warriors.

Durotan Character Video

Father of Thrall, Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan. He must forsake his fellow Orc clans to protect his people.


What are your thoughts on the character videos and the music score? Let us know in the comments!

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