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Patch 7.1 has been live for a week now and the developers have announced some upcoming PvP changes. They are expected to go live in an upcoming server reset:

Death Knight

With the bug fixes, the burst damage was reduced but the developers decided it wasn’t a problem in PvP.

  • Frost – Strength reduced by 10%
  • Unholy –   Apocalypse is no longer reduced 

Demon Hunter

Now that people are learning how to counter Demon Hunters, Blizzard found that their DPS was a little low.

  • Havoc – Agility increased by 5%
  • Havoc – Stamina increased by 10%


  • Survival – Stamina increased by 15%


  • Frost – Intellect decreased by 10%


  • Windwalker – Agility has been reduced by 10%
  • Windwalker – Serenity increases damage by 25% instead of 30% with the Spiritual Focus trait.


  • Lava Burst deals full damage in PvP
  • Elemental –  Control of Lava increases Lava Burst by 100%, was 150%


  • Hamstring damage has been increases and lasts 12 sec
  • Arms- Strength & Stamina has been increases by 10%
  • Fury – Strength & Stamina has been increases by 10%


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