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Our team is growing! We are looking for great people like you to be a part of The PDQ.

Currently, we are interested in content writers to help cover breaking news, guides and random Op-Ed articles to inform and entertain our Blizzard-loving community. You do not need to have official writing experience, but solid English reading and writing skills are required.

For the news writers, we need people who will be available to report the news as it happens – not hours after. We want to continue to be at the forefront of Blizzard news as it breaks, and we need people who will be openly available to write whenever.

So do you want to have a voice in the community? Well, here’s your chance.

We are looking for writers for the following games:

  • World of Warcraft
    • Raid & Dungeon Guide
    • Class Guides
    • Lore
    • News
    • General Columist

If you would like to take a more active role in our growing community, apply below:

We are also looking for some fans to join the ranks of our fine PWNCAST admins for the Facebook page. Interested? Apply below:


All positions are completely VOLUNTARY. (Belle does provide tacos when she can)

Our entire staff does this out of their love and passion for the game(s), and a desire to help the community grow and flourish without monetary gain in mind. “Be The Change You Want To See”

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I am a World of Warcraft nerd to the core. I am GM of The Riders of Rohan on Argent Dawn - US. I am Host of PWNCAST Podcast. I created this site to bring you news and guides from a player perspective. I also help admin for several Facebook Community Pages for World of Warcraft which includes: PWNCAST, World of Warlocks, WorldofWarcraft Memes. You can find me causing trouble all over Azeroth.

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