Preparing Your Garrison for Legion – Gold Making and Other Utilities

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WARNING: The following article contains mentions of terms such as “garrison” and “WoD” which some readers may find highly offensive. The PDQ is not responsible for any nightmares or petrifying flashbacks caused by reading this guide. Please proceed at your own risk. Just when you thought you could leave your garrison behind once and for all, I’m here to tell …

Legion Wardrobe Breakdown

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Transmog: a collector’s worst nightmare and paradise all in one.  GI Joe and Barbie lovers alike will be able to utilize the Collection UI to its full potential for Transmogifying. Item hoarders will rejoice as the spaces in their bags, banks and void storage quickly becomes open for reagents and/or materials. There are still some items that will remain in player’s bags …

Legion Build 22201 Data Updates

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With this build of Legion, we see Class and World Mission tuning, along with some new Profession Achievements, Set Bonus changes, and lots more. Achievements Professions Hot Swapper   Achieve 250000 points in a single jewelcrafting minigame. The Shortest Distance   Reach level 20 in the Blingtron Circuit Tutorial minigame. Classes Death Knight Blood Specialization (1) Mastery: Blood Shield   …

Pet Battle World Quests in Legion Beta

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I’ve finally dinged level 110 in Legion Beta and I’ve had so much fun! Although the journey was great, the only reason I wanted to level was so that I could unlock world quests to bring you pet battle content.  Once you unlock world quests there is a large variety of content to enjoy.  I’m here, of course, to talk …

Legion Pre-expansion Patch

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A gloom descends upon Azeroth as a feeling of dread fills your bones. THE LEGION IS COMING The pre-patch download has started. That means that the Legion pre-expansion event is close at hand. Here are a few things to expect when the event goes live: Transmogification Updates The new Transmogrification Collections system will make it easier than ever to collect, …

Class Order Hall Mission Preview Guide: Legion

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In today’s video, we feature an overview of the Mission Board inside your Class Order Hall. The missions available here will be crucial in gaining research for your Order Hall and acquiring items you will need for your Artifact, Class and Order Hall advancement. We hope you enjoy this video!