Shaman Class Order Hall Preview: World of Warcraft Legion

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The Shaman Order Hall, called The Heart of Azeroth, is located within the Maelstrom at the center of the Great Sea. The remaining members of the Earthen Ring are gathering here to combine their efforts against the Burning Legion. Once Shaman have completed the Artifact Weapon introductory questline and gained access to their Order Hall via a portal on Krasus’ Landing in …

Warrior Class Order Hall Preview: World of Warcraft Legion

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Skyhold is the Warrior Class Order Hall. Located in the Halls of Valor, high above Stormhiem and home of the legendary Vrykul Warriors. In this video walk-through, we preview some of the gorgeous scenery, quests and Lycan gives us the rundown on some excellent Warrior lore. Enjoy! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Legion previews!

Warrior Blurb: My Wish List for DPS Changes

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Warriors have seen several renditions so far in the alpha. With each new version, some problems get fixed while others become even more glaring. I wrote my first wish list back before alpha was released to give myself some comparison points as we progressed deeper into the alpha cycle. After nearly ten builds worth of class changes, I figure it’s not …

Warrior Blurb: Bladestorm Now and Going Forward

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Bladestorm has been a signature ability within the Warcraft universe for as long as it has existed. In Warcraft III, it was the very powerful ultimate ability of the Blademaster hero unit. In World of Warcraft, it was introduced as the 51 point talent in the Arms tree and remained just as powerful as its Warcraft III form. Mists of …

Legion Feedback: Demonology Warlock

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Demonology was the only caster spec that I have tested extensively in the alpha so far. I don’t normally play caster specs because I just enjoy melee so much more, but after seeing the new direction Blizzard had taken Demonology, I knew I had to give it a try. After having played the spec for a few days now, I …

Warrior Blurb: Newest Fury Changes on Alpha

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A new alpha build is up, and that means a new slew of changes to Fury to even further butcher the spec. Let’s review the changes and assess the damage, shall we? Keep in mind these are just the changes I want to highlight, not the entire list.   Bloodthirst: Buffed from 200% damage to 300%, bonus crit chance removed, …

Legion Feedback: Outlaw Rogue

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For this feedback article, I am going to switch things up. In the past, I have given feedback on the base rotations for a spec, its talents, and artifact traits. I chose that format to cover as many bases as possible, but the more articles I did the more I felt that some categories looked tacked-on in comparison to the others due to …

Legion Feedback: Havoc Demon Hunter Talents and Artifact Traits

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Overview Havoc was probably the spec I anticipated playing the most, and not to give away the tone of my entire article, but it was worth it for the most part. Before I go into my feedback on the DPS rotation, I need to talk about this class’s mobility because it’s honestly the most fun thing to do in the …