Class Order Hall Mission Preview Guide: Legion

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In today’s video, we feature an overview of the Mission Board inside your Class Order Hall. The missions available here will be crucial in gaining research for your Order Hall and acquiring items you will need for your Artifact, Class and Order Hall advancement. We hope you enjoy this video!  

Legion: Beta build 21996: Illidan’s Memories, New Music and More

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The most recent Legion build dropped last night and there are so many goodies to look forward to. Illidan’s Memories This expansion’s storyline will be focusing largely on some of the expanding Lore behind everyone’s favorite bad boy, Illidan Stormrage. Two quests have been added, Bringer of the Light and In the House of Light and Shadow, which will reveal some of …

Legion: Beta Build 6/7

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A plethora of new music was added in this Beta build, it was a 900mb update. Some new achievements for treasures and special encounters. The music Blizzard has been putting into Legion thus far is possibly becoming one of the best soundtracks of the franchise.  Blizzard devs posted that the Legion Pre-patch event will be tested 6/9 starting at 10 a.m. PST and …

Legion: Beta Build 6/2

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The Pre-Patch stress test was supposed to be playable on Beta June 2nd. It's been postponed, BUT – "good new everyone!" – there was a nice beta update in its stead. Updated login screen now with new music, sound files out the wazoo for all the zones, and many more miscellaneous changes. Also, a small hidden reference was found in the Beta: Charlie …

Priest Class Order Hall Preview: World of Warcraft Legion

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The Priest Order Hall, Netherlight Temple, is located on the world of Niskara, a planet that is controlled by the Burning Legion. Priests will discover the Temple via a portal in New Dalaran while on their quest to acquire their Artifact weapon. There are three wings within the Temple, one for each specialization of the Priest class. A variety of Priests can …