Story of a Hero: Tyr the Keeper

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To be a Hero means to sacrifice…

Or that is what some would tell you. There is no one who embodies this adage more than Tyr the Watcher. Created by the Pantheon along with the rest of the Keepers, Tyr was considered the mightiest of his kind. This was proven in his first battle after the war with the Old Gods. A massive proto-dragon, who was far more cunning than any of his brethren, was threatening the life of Azeroth. His hunger insatiable, he soon began to devour others of his kind. Doing this warped his mind and form, causing him to brim with Necrotic energies. The remaining proto-dragons that he devoured were reanimated from the necrotic energies that wafted off of him and became mindless abominations.This meat hungry proto-dragon was known as Galakrond, and if he wasn’t stopped soon, all life on Azeroth would be devoured.

Tyr was the first to realize the threat of Galakrond, and so he tried to motivate his siblings to help him defeat the colossal beast. Though after the war with the Old Gods, his siblings had lost sight of their assignment. The brutal war had sapped their strength and willpower, so Tyr was left to fight the great beast on his own.

Seeking a means to end the monstrosity permanently he found his answer with five other proto-dragons who each held powers that were unique. Alexstraza could summon torrents of flame from within her maw incinerating all but the mightiest of foes. Neltharion possessed a strength that was unrivaled by most and a roar that could shatter rock. Malygos, the most cunning of the five, commanded the powers of frost, encasing his foes in an icy prison. Nozdormu had the power to summon sands around his enemies, trapping them in terrible storms of the desert. Finally, Ysera’s breath had the ability to sap the willpower of her enemies causing them to enter a coma-like state.

At first the five dragons were wary of Tyr, seeing him as a stranger, but soon enough they vowed to fight by his side. So together, with his new allies, Tyr assaulted the necrotic dragon Galakrond. It was during one of these battles that Galakrond bit off Tyr’s iron hand, suffusing the Keeper with necrotic energy. While he was able to stop the necrotic blight from spreading, he was never able to truly heal the wound.

Despite that setback, Tyr, along with the five dragons, managed to defeat Galakrond, leaving his lifeless husk in the northern part of Kalimdor, which would later come to be known as Dragonblight. Tyr would eventually replace his missing hand with one of pure silver and solidify his belief that justice could only be achieved through personal sacrifice.

This is only one tale of Tyr and his story is not finished yet.

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