Stockpiling Items for Gold Making in Legion

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Players in the World of Warcraft are in a time of transition – WoD is finally ending and Legion is just on the horizon. A great way to prepare for Legion is to stockpile items so you can resell later for a profit. The market is currently heavily saturated with items from WoD, but with the next expansion will come new players and an increased demand for certain items. Start saving now to get the most return on your items, but keep in mind that this list is purely speculation! Alternatively, the higher demand for these items, combined with the influx of new players, means that these things could make great gifts!

Demand Will Increase in Legion – Stockpile these items!
  • Hexweave Bag – Bags are always a hot commodity in World of Warcraft. At the start of Legion, new and returning players will likely need to upgrade their inventory space. Demon hunters especially will want new bags ASAP since they only start with 16 slot bags. Start saving your bags now to make a pretty profit come Legion!
  • Transmog Items, Salvage Crates, Tabards and Shirts – The transmog market has already begun to see a resurgence in price with positivity surrounding the new transmog system from beta. With the advent of the expansion, demand for unique transmog items will increase even more. If you aren’t too excited with the idea of stockpiling your bank with gear, then check out what @WarcraftDevs confirmed on Twitter:

    This means that you can just stockpile your salvage crates now, then open them later with no change in the loot they drop – that way you can save tons of space and still have your transmog gear to sell in Legion. Specific transmog items to start saving are tabards and shirts – these items will be transmogable for the first time come Legion, so anticipate high demand in the market.

  • WoD Rep Pets – If you haven’t already seen my article about making gold with WoD Rep Pets, you can check it out here. This method worked great in WoD, but I anticipate a much lower supply in Legion due to the reputation barrier. Combined with the influx of new players without these pets, prices will certainly increase! Use your Apexis crystals now and stock up on these pets for later!
Demand Might Increase in Legion – Save some, but don’t stress over these items!
  • Void Touched Satchel – Currently, the market is very saturated with these satchels. They are obtained from the rare garrison mission The Consuming Void and they award the Touch of the Void heirloom upon opening. The satchels cannot be posted on the auction house, but can be traded to other players (great for selling through trade chat or for giving a gift to other players). If attempting to sell, the best market for these satchels will be newer players who want to use the heirloom to level faster.
  • Coalfist Gronnling – This awesome looking mount comes from the rare garrison mission Breaker Two. When first released, this mount went for upwards of 100,000 gold on some servers, but due to market saturation, you can now snag one for under 500 gold on the auction house. Pretty much anyone who has played during WoD has this mount, but new and returning players will want it in Legion. Once again, this might sell well, but you can always consider giving any extras to returning guildies as a gift!
  • Cinder Pup and Left Shark – These WoD pets are obtained from rare garrison missions – Firey Friends for the pup, and the naval mission Orphaned Aquatic Animal Rescue for the shark. The market is extremely saturated with these pets at the moment, but keep in mind that few players will ever return to their garrisons in the future to do these missions. New players will want to collect these pets in Legion, but due to the heavy saturation, don’t get your hopes up too much about making tons of gold.
  • Elixir of the Rapid Mind – This potion, obtained from the rare garrison mission Arakkoa Ancestry, gives an experience buff for 15 minutes. Note that the level cap is 99 – so although this will be useless for leveling in the Broken Isles, newer players will still want it for leveling through old content. Since most people probably won’t bother with garrisons in Legion, this means that the supply for these elixirs will go way down while the demand will only go up.
Demand Will Decrease in Legion – Liquidate these items as soon as possible!
  • WoD Regents – No one will want your WoD mats, and the prices for just about everything will plummet. Even if anyone needs any WoD regents, they can get free ores and herbs from their garrison and other mats from the trading post. Get rid of your mats now while they’re still worth something, and don’t forget to clean out your guild bank while you’re at it!
  • Consumables – Draenic flasks, Draenic potions, WoD food, etc. – Definitely keep some for while you level up in Legion, but go ahead and clear up some bag space by cutting down on the stockpile. Selling now will allow you to squeeze a little more gold out of these consumables instead of waiting until Legion.

And that concludes the list of what to stockpile and what to get rid of before Legion! Hopefully, this has helped you start thinking about what you can do to make some extra gold at the start of the new expansion. Also, don’t forget – if you want to focus on one thing in particular with no speculation needed, your best bet will always be to simply stockpile raw gold! Thanks for reading, and happy gold making!

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