Staying Occupied After Clearing Mythic Hellfire Citadel

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World of Warcraft is deep into the 6.2.3 patch and many mythic raiders are having a hard time staying engaged. The rush of putting in hard work and getting progression kills with your team is a feeling that can be hard to get from anything else. If you are the type of mythic raider that lives for throwing your entire being into what you do, then you probably have to find a way to scratch that itch. I know that same feeling myself, so let me share with you some things that I have occupied myself with so that you can hopefully scratch your own itch.

1. Make a new raid alt, learn it and try to master it.

This suggestion probably sounds old and tired, but it has stuck around for good reason.

If you have been able to kill Mythic Archimonde then you probably have at least a decent understanding of how your class works – such as the optimal spec, talents, and glyphs used depending on the fight and which fights your class excels on. Understanding why your class or specific spec is good on a fight is key to becoming an intelligent and highly valued raider. Making a raid alt adds another dimension to your perspective and understanding of how fight mechanics and class strengths interact. Not to mention that raiders who can perform at a high-end level across multiple classes are extremely valuable to top progression guilds.

If you are the kind of person who likes to know everything about your class and understand its strengths and weaknesses, then apply that passion to an alt.

2. Give raid sales a try.

Killing an end-of-expansion boss gives you much more than just loot or satisfaction. It gives you prestige, experience and a shorthand way of showing someone that you are competent.

Many players in WoW have the gold, but not the experience, gear or guild to down the Mythic bosses they would like to see.

This is where you can come in. Many high-end progression guilds begin selling spots in their weekly Mythic runs to make gold for the next expansion. The amount of spots they sell depends on how geared/skilled their raid is, but the payout can still be good if you can only sell 1 spot. The skill, gear and credibility that comes with being a 13/13 mythic raider gives you the starting point to do your own mythic sales if your guild is down for it. If you cannot get your entire guild on board, you can still translate your credentials into a sales capacity in the form of Heroic Archimonde sales or Heroic HFC sales in general.

Like I said, many players have gold but not the ability to raid at the level they would like, and you can help them fulfill that need by starting your own sales group with guildies or friends. Giving an in-depth explanation would require an article of its own, but do some research and see if this is something you might do while waiting for Legion.

3. Play another game.

Many mythic raiders treat this game very seriously. Just like that one kid in High School who played metric tons of whatever sport, these kinds of players thrive on putting their entire being into whatever they are passionate about. In the time between expansions, it becomes extremely hard for these kinds of people to keep interested in the game because there is not much left for them to learn about or improve at, so their interest wanes. These kinds of people need that fire of desire to keep burning in order to fuel their passion to keep performing at the highest level.

I recommend applying that passion to other competitive games – CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Starcraft, or any of the MOBA games provide prime opportunities for these kinds of people to keep the competitive fire they started in WoW and stay stoked until the next expansion drops. The same feeling of working hard, figuring things out and overcoming challenges that WoW gives some people can also be obtained in other competitive games as you learn how to play them, figure out the meta and improve.

So if you are the kind of person who needs to constantly be improving to keep sane, then pick-up another game to play in your off-time until Legion hits.

4. Go outside.

Kidding, sort of.

This is kind of an expansion on my last point, but I felt it was different enough to warrant its own number. As I mentioned previously, the best mythic raiders in the game are good because they have a deep and innate need to constantly improve and succeed at the things they are passionate about. If you are a similar player, then consider using this down time for self-improvement (yes, in real life).

I may have lost some of you there, so let me reach some middle ground.

Once you are able to deconstruct your life in a way that allows you to view it in pieces that can be changed, like a quest to complete or a rep to be exalted with, then it becomes easy for you to do things like work out, lose weight or pick-up a reading habit. The thing about success and passion is that they are contagious. If you work very hard in WoW then it becomes easier for you to start working hard at other things in your life. If you have many things in your life to be happy with, then it is easy to keep your passions invigorated and your ability to learn and perform sharp.

Those are some of the biggest things I will personally be doing between now and Legion. I hope you found something that also resonated with you. Not getting burned out is important, but keeping the fires of your passion stoked until you get a new raid tier to overcome is key.

Thanks for reading!

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