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If you’ve never done the Shadowmourne questline, now is the perfect time to give it a try! There are all sorts of cool rewards to get – mounts, toys, a tabard, and more (we’ll cover specifics towards the end of this guide). Even if you don’t want all the goodies, you can still sell everything on the auction house to make a ton of gold! This guide will walk you through step by step, showing you how to obtain Shadowmourne and all the awesome rewards that come with it.


The Shadowmourne questline is only available to Paladins, Death Knights, and Warriors. Personally I recommend bringing a Paladin because of the healing spells needed for the Valithria encounter, but definitely choose whichever of the three classes you are most familiar with or are most highly geared with. I’ve completed the questline on my ilvl 580 fury warrior, but any character with lower gear than that may encounter some difficulty.

As far as a timeline, expect to allow a few hours for the beginning quests, and then about an hour a week for 6-10 weeks during the actual grind. I recommend doing your ICC runs on Tuesdays – it’s reset day for North American realms, and you can listen to the newest PWNcast podcast while getting in your weekly run!


Icecrown Citadel is the tier 10 raid located at 53, 85 in Icecrown (Northrend). There are 4 floors, and 12 total bosses. The raid can be completed only once per week per character, regardless of difficulty. Light's Hammer is the entrance area of the instance with several NPCs. There are transporters scattered throughout the instance that will teleport you between the various areas.

To begin the Shadowmourne questline, you will first need to be friendly with the Ashen Verdict. If you have run ICC before, chances are you will already have completed this step. If not, just start killing stuff! Go as far in the instance as needed, but try to stick to killing trash and leaving the bosses alive. In a later stage of the quest, you will have to kill some of the Upper Spire bosses – so leaving them alive during this part means that you can kill them the same day and not have to worry about waiting another week for a fresh lockout.  A great way to start getting Ashen Verdict reputation is by rounding up all the mobs on the first floor and dropping a Battle Standard of Coordination while you AoE them down.


Once friendly with the Ashen Verdict, head back to Light’s Hammer to get your first quest – The Sacred and the Corrupt.

Highlord Darion Mograine wants you to retrieve Light’s Vengeance from Frostmourne Cavern at 74, 25 in Dragonblight. Enter the cave and loot the weapon. You’ll have to kill some mobs and a cutscene will trigger. Overall this part is extremely easy.

Next, you’ll need 25 Primordial Saronite. Although these drop from bosses, the easiest way to obtain them is by purchasing them from Goodman the “Closer”. He sells legacy Justice gear in Light’s Hammer, just inside the entrance to ICC. Since Justice Points are no longer in the game, each Primordial Saronite can be bought for 150 gold, bringing your grand total to 3750 gold. Alternatively, they also can be bought off the auction house. Although this may seem like a significant investment, it is only a fraction of the value you will get from the final quest’s rewards.

Lastly for this quest, you will need to kill Festergut for Festergut’s Acidic Blood and Rotface for Rotface’s Acidic Blood. These boss fights are pretty straightforward, but the blood only drops on 25 man difficulty.

After collecting everything, return to Highlord Darion Mograine in Light’s Hammer and he will craft Shadow’s Edge for you.


The next phase, A Feast of Souls, requires you to absorb 50 souls into your newly crafted Shadow’s Edge. After equipping the weapon, simply go around killing mobs in ICC. Each enemy counts as one soul. Once again, try to stick to killing trash and leaving the bosses alive. You will have to kill several bosses in the next stages, so leaving them alive during A Feast of Souls means that you can kill them the same day and not have to worry about waiting another week for a fresh lockout. Return to Highlord Darion Mograine with your empowered Shadow’s Edge to begin the next stage.


Unholy Infusion requires you to fight Professor Putricide, and you must have Shadow’s Edge equipped. This encounter must be done on 25 man difficulty. The following video explains the mechanics to infuse your Shadow’s Edge with unholy energy.


Blood Infusion requires you to fight Blood Queen Lana’thel, and you must have Shadow’s Edge equipped. This encounter must be done on 25 man difficulty, and will require at least two other people – so grab some guildies or ask around in trade chat! The following video explains the mechanics to infuse your Shadow’s Edge with blood energy.


Frost Infusion requires you to fight Sindragosa, and you must have Shadow’s Edge equipped. This encounter must be done on 25 man difficulty. The following video explains the mechanics to infuse your Shadow’s Edge with frost energy.


You’ve done quite a bit by now, but you’ve only just begun! The Splintered Throne is the real grind of the legendary questline. You need to collect 50 Shadowfrost Shards! These drop off any of the boss encounters inside ICC. You do not need to have Shadow’s Edge equipped, however, it does need to be in your bags. Below is a list of each boss encounter, as well as some tips and tricks to get you through the instance as quickly as possible.

The Lower Spire
  • Lord Marrowgar – This is a simple fight, just nuke the boss.
  • Lady Deathwhisper – Any damage done to the boss will be healed by her shield. Keep damaging her until her mana runs out from replenishing the shield. Then simply nuke her down normally. Once finished, access the transporter to teleport to the next floor.
  • Gunship Battle – This can be a tricky fight for players unfamiliar with ICC, but it is really simple if you know what to do. Talk to the NPC on the ship to begin the encounter. The ship will take off and you can hop in a cannon. As you fly off into the distance, and even before you have stopped, spam your cannon abilities and aim at the hull of the enemy ship. Once the adds spawn, use the cannon to blow them up too. Eventually your cannon will become disabled and you will be dismounted. Assuming you have done everything quick enough, the enemy ship will have taken enough damage from your cannon before you are dismounted and your ship will take off to end the fight. Loot for this encounter is found in a chest near the front of the ship.
  • Deathbringer Saurfang – Talk with the NPC to begin the encounter, then simply nuke the boss. Loot for this fight is found in a chest to the right of the archway. You can skip the RP event by entering into the next area.


The Plagueworks
  • Festergut – This is a simple fight, just nuke the boss. After killing him, turn the valve near the entrance to release the orange gas down the pipe. This is necessary to unlock the next area.
  • Rotface – This is a simple fight, just nuke the boss. After killing him, turn the valve near the entrance to release the green sludge down the pipe. This is necessary to unlock the next area.
  • Professor Putricide – To open the door to the boss, both the Festergut and Rotface valves will need to be previously opened. Walk into the gated room and AoE down small pests until the doors finally open. This may take a minute or two. Start the encounter and nuke the boss. Be careful not to accidentally click on his apothecary table, as it will enable the abomination mechanics from Unholy Infusion that are unnecessary to kill him normally. Slime adds may root you in place but simply kill them to free yourself.


The Crimson Hall
  • Blood Prince Council – This is a simple fight, just nuke the group. Focus down the center boss. Before entering the room, use the blood orbs near the previous trash to gain a 30-second haste buff.
  • Blood Queen Lana’thel – This is a simple fight, just nuke the boss. Turning around to leave will bust a hole in the floor. I recommend bringing a Goblin Glider Kit to glide down from here and quickly get to the next wing of the raid.


Frostwing Halls
  • Valithria Dreamwalker – Kill the trash preceding this fight by damaging the mobs and kiting them back to the NPCs who will help you fight. After killing the miniboss, enter the room to the right. This encounter requires healing abilities. Just simply heal the green dragon in the middle to full health. If you do not have any healing spells, you will need to skip this boss or find a friend to help you. Continue straight and wait for the elevator to take you to the next room full of trash mobs.
  • Sindragosa – This is a simple fight, just nuke the boss. After the encounter, turn back to the entrance and take the right ramp to access the transporter.


The Frozen Throne
  • The Lich King – Teleport to the Upper Spire and walk to the very center of the room to access another transporter. Once atop the Frozen Thone, talk to the NPC to begin. This is a pretty basic fight, just make sure not to get thrown off the platform. Summon Shadow Trap will create a dark circle below you. Standing in this will send you flying to your death. Be sure to burn down the icy orbs, ghouls, and other adds that will use similar abilities if you get too close. After getting the boss down to 0%, wait for the RP event and then get your loot!


Shadowfrost Shards are not a guaranteed drop – normal 25 man has a 25-50% drop chance per boss, and heroic 25 man has a 50-100% drop chance per boss – so if you’re geared enough then definitely do it on heroic. Note that 10 man difficulties do not drop any shards. Even in the highly unlikely event that you have a perfect drop rate, this part of the questline will take you a minimum of five weeks! Take the time to grind this out though – don’t fall behind or else you will lose motivation and it will take even longer for you to get all the awesome rewards!

Once you’ve finished collecting 50 Shadowfrost Shards, return to Highlord Darion Mograine at Light’s Hammer and he will forge Shadowmourne for you.


After obtaining your fancy new legendary weapon, Highlord Darion Mograine gives you the final quest The Lich King's Last Stand and asks you to defeat The Lich King once and for all, because apparently those like eight times you’ve already killed him while farming the stupid shards didn’t really count! Make sure to get credit by having Shadowmourne equipped!


Looting The Lich King after killing him this final time will provide you with a unique item – a Sealed Chest. Take the chest to Highlord Darion Mograine back in Light’s Hammer and have him open it. Inside are five items that can be returned to various NPCs around Light’s Hammer, each of which will give you with a unique reward after you listen to their RP event. See the rewards section below for specifics.

Be sure to check your server’s auction house prices! Currently on my realm, the combined worth of the five items given from Personal Property totals over 200,000 gold! This small fortune certainly makes the Shadowmourne questline well worth your time!


And now for the best part – the rewards! Here is a list of all the rewards from completing the Shadowmourne questline, along with several rare drops that you might just be lucky enough to encounter while farming.









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