Robert Craig Pet Battle Achievement Guide

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Today I’ll bring you some video guides showing easy strategies for the different pet battle teams to use against Robert Craig. You can easily power level pets against Robert Craig when he appears as a World Quest or you can work towards your Family Familiar achievement. All three of Robert Craig’s pets are beast pets, so the obvious choice is usually mechanical pets.

Defeating Robert Craig with specific pet teams like mechanical pets is easy but it’s more challenging if you use all aquatic pets. I will hopefully be able to help you get closer to unlocking the new pet battle achievements and have some fun during the process. I also like to try and defeat the specific master tamers with only two pets of the same breed but that presents a harder challenge.

Some of the new pet battle achievements require you to defeat a master tamer with one specific team of pets and that is it. So use a pet battle team with all flying pets or all undead pets. It adds a lot of fun for me if I can defeat them using only two pets.  It shows some skill but can also help you defeat the master tamers easily.

You need your team to be full of one specific breed of pets and defeat the master tamer to get credit toward the many achievements that make up the Family Familiar achievement. Each day you get a chance to complete world quests and today might be Robert Craig. Good Luck in your journey to be the best you can be. Like no one ever was.




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