Retold Vol.1: Cosmic Forces

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With the release of the novel Chronicle, we received an overwhelming amount of lore information from the beginning of time to the humans fighting the gnoll wars. Today we are going to talk about the largest picture that can be painted of the Warcraft universe and that is the cosmic forces. When I talk about the cosmic forces I am mostly talking about the forces in the universe that are bigger than just Azeroth.

The beginning of the physical realm occurred when the Light and Void clashed together. While the physical realm was made, there also existed a dimension that would come to be known as the Twisting Nether. Despite being connected to the physical universe known as the Great Dark Beyond, the Twisting Nether was not bound by physical limitations. Its power often bled into the physical realm and twisted reality. With the birth of the physical universe also came life, with the most common form of life being the elementals; fire, water, earth and air. This is where the forces break down into two separate categories of the dark and light variety.



In game, we know the Naaru to be beings of pure light. The Chronicle describes them as beings “…composed of scintillating holy energies.” If there ever was to be a true vision of the perfect light, the Naaru would be it. With their power, they vowed to spread hope to life wherever they could find it.


The Titans are believed to be the most powerful entities in the Warcraft universe, and now we know why. They were not sprung into existence as most life was. Their souls, known as world-souls, developed inside the core of planets. When they awoke, they became living planets that were overflowing with energy. Their goal differs from that of the Naaru as their journey is seeking out the existence of others like themselves.

Void Lords

Just as creation began, the Void Lords seethed inside of the Void with the dream of turning it all into eternal agony. They watched from the darkness as the Titans journeyed and looked for others. Despite attempting to corrupt an awoken Titan, they had no success. Knowing now what they must do, they flung out creatures of immeasurable horrors to land upon the many planets and corrupt a slumbering world-soul. These became known as the Old Gods.

Old Gods

These creatures are tools of the void lords. Their soul purpose is to corrupt any and every world they encounter until they are able to consume a world-soul. It is unknown if they are made in the image of their masters or if their own unquenchable desire for destruction twisted their flesh.


Demons are creatures born in the Twisting Nether. Their purpose was simply to cause as much despair and chaos to the many planets of the physical realm. To the Pantheon, the demons from the Twisting Nether represented a real threat to their goal of finding others of their own kind, so they sent Sargeras to destroy the demons. Despite his relentless efforts, no matter how many times he killed a demon, they always returned. After studying the energies of the Twisting Nether, Sargeras was able to form a prison where the demons would go after their defeat. Here is where they laid in their blistering rage until the betrayal of Sargeras. From there, the demons served under the iron hand of Sargeras as the Burning Legion.


Out of all of those who had their lore altered, the most drastically changed would have be that of the Old Gods and the Titans. I am intentionally not saying the Void Lords because they were an unknown force to us prior to the release of Chronicle. For the Titans, their origin story and their purpose were revealed to us. No longer are they some greater mysterious force that so many theories surrounded. Right beside them are those who are able to corrupt unborn Titans, which are the Old Gods. Before now, we could only guess that they were creatures whose sole purpose was to cause chaos, but now we see that they are actually tools of the Void Lords. What the lore of all three of these reveal is that there are potentially more Titans in the universe, but also that there are possibly thousands of more Old Gods waiting for us at every turn. Ultimately, this information opens up so many doors for the possibility of fighting the new ultimate threat of the Void Lords.

I know the review of these was brief, but this was just meant to overview some of the things I’ll be talking about in more detail at a later date.

So many cool things were revealed and I can’t wait to share them with you guys. Tell us what you think in the comment section about these huge changes in lore!

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  1. I don’t know why I see so few comments here! This Daily Quest project you’ve created guy is awesome, one of the best parts of my day is to come here and check the news.

    As an ingame RP player, I deeply appreciate lore, and this post gives us a highly valuable treasure. My pandaren priest will uncover this facts about the Old Gods and it will be very important to her development! 🙂

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      I am glad you enjoyed the article! I will have more lore coming at you from the Chronicle book with the Retold series. I think you'll enjoy the lore being the Mogu and the Pandaren the most since you main a pandaren priest. 😀

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