PVP Lead Design Q&A: World of Warcraft Legion

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Brian Holinka addressed a wide variety of player questions during the Q&A on March 9th.  Here are a few of the more interesting topics:  

  1. We can’t get the gear we want in PvP like we did before – what are you doing about it?
  2. What is going on with PvP in the world environment vs. the PvP instances; why are they are so different in strength?
  3. Why does WoW currently not have PvP-5 solo queuing like other games?
  4. Comps in PvP can really suck for solo queuing; can anything be done about that?
  5. Are you looking to address 4-5x SP/Moonkin stacking in Rated Battlegrounds?  Currently, a lot of classes and specs are left out.

There is always a conflict between casual and hard-core players.  They try to please both.  With randomization of stats on gear drops, hard-core players are feeling a bit left out maybe, but they do get way more top pieces. 

You can catch the whole video here:


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