PAX West Liveblog Panel – 3 Sep 2016

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On Sept 3rd at the PAX West conference, three Game developers joined a live audience to talk about Legion and take some questions & answers.

On the stage was

  • Cory Stockton (Lead Game Designer)
  • Luis Barriga (Lead Game Designer)
  • Eric Maloof (Senior Game Designer)

Watch the Twitch stream video – VOD – to see the entire session

Legion So Far

  • The developers are very happy with how things have rolled out so far;
  • Building on the pre-patch storyline, tensions between horde and alliance are strained;
  • The Demon Hunter is filling a class that was needed and so tried to make it more ‘ninja’ like;
  • The Demon Hunter’s Vengence artifact weapon was from an ancient enemy that Sargeras has defeated;
  • The developers wanted Mission champions to be more substantive, an evolved form of garrison missions.

Upcoming in Legion 

  • Legion Companion mobile app is about to be released. See our related story here on this exciting news.

Karazhan, Patch 7.1

  • This will be a new 5-man dungeon with a new Khadgar questline;
  • Kara will be more difficult then the current 5-man Mythic and on a weekly lockout;
  • Rewards will be ‘generous’;
  • Boss encounters will have themes such as Alice in Wonderland, upside down, new plays at the opera & a new version of the chess encounter;
  • Kara will have new content and area as well as a revamping of the old dungeon.

Trial of Valor Raid

  • New raid between Emerald Nightmare & Nighthold;
  • This will be a mini-raid with some cool trinkets;
  • Ties up the Odyn & Helya story started in Halls of Valor & Stormheim;
  • There will be an Illidan storyline.

New Suramar Content

  • Early on Suramar is a player favorite zone;
  • There will be a weekly campaign lasting about nine weeks.

All this content should be on the PTR in the next couple weeks.


How do we keep artifacts special? I don’t want to replace it with a green.

  • So we wanted to do something that we could keep parts of Artifacts that we liked in future expacs but not necessarily keep it exactly the same.

Can we have playable ogres?

  • Still on the list. We’re always thinking about it.

Will there be treasures in Raids like they are in dungeons now?

  • Not yet but good question!

Where can you take phasing from here?

  • We actually try to use it judiciously but we can always fine tune it.

Can we scale old world zones?

  • Possibly but we don’t want to be stuck with something ending up badly that way. We have the tech but where do we want to put it. Where does it fit correctly with game play.

Have we really seen the last of Vol’jin?

  • No comment.

Can you talk about design decisions with DH double jump? It’s very empowering.

  • Reading the descriptions of lore and we were missing “supernatural agility” so we were like….can we do these things? And faced some challenges but we worked really hard. DH mobility definitely tripped a lot of things that made the game think we were cheating. We had to add a LOT of tech but it really made it special. We don’t want to dilute that fantasy. At one point your mount could double jump with you!

Lorewise, where do we go from here?

  • It’s never over. And we like how this feels. We always want to keep making game/lore.

How long was the zone scaling on the idea board for you guys?

  • We develop tech for something and it ends up with “a lot of Ferrari parts” lying around. It came in pretty late in Legion. Intended flow was Azsuna, Val’sharah, Stormheim, Highmountain.

Check back with us here at PWNCAST Daily Quest for all your Legion news!

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