Patch 7.2 March 28th – World of Warcraft Legion

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Patch 7.2 is here! I hope it is as awesome as I think it is. Here is a list of all the things that you might want to know about and do in The Largest content patch of all time:

  • First, go back to the class hall to continue the class Campaigns, get artifact quests, and more artifact knowledge.  
  • Second, go to the Broken Shore, the new zone.  This is what you will want to be doing.
  • Flying is back – Do the Pathfinder 2 achievement.  The Pathfinder achievement may be nerfed when the Patch comes out.  So check the achievement in your own achievements frame.    
  • Class mounts quests for all classes are unlocked when your first character completes Pathfinder part 2.  These are intended to be challenging and lengthy with a big reward (your MOUNT) at the end.   Currently the time frame to complete it is a minimum of 11 weeks.  Ryan Shwayder,  a WoW developer says two to three weeks would be perhaps possible. 
  • Demon Assaults will be happening through level 110 world quests in Broken Isles zones.  Do these as they show up.
  • Tomb of Sargeras Raid Trailer
  • Tab Targeting gets fixed 
  • New Dungeon: The Cathedral of Eternal Night – Heroic to Mythic Keystone
  • Pet Battle Dungeon Scenario – Breanni’s Pet Store in Dalaran has a quest to let you in.  There are six fights and when you finish a quest pops to do it all six again, but without healing.
  • New PvP Brawls that you can access through the group finder to create something different. People liked it in the PTR.  There will be a variety of different locations and different game-play in comparison to the usual PvP battleground.  

More about the new Content:

 See the Q&A on all the new content, with highlights below.  

  • This new Broken Shore area is like Isle of Thunder, Timeless Island, and Tanaan Jungle. 
  • Rare bosses will be up for a half an hour at a time because the land mass is fairly large.  
  • There will be many small to medium quest chains.  
  • There are bonus objectives for people who are under 110 to do be able to do within the Demon Assaults, albeit a lesser version.  
  • Three classes (Monks, DKs, and Demon Hunters) are getting an extra matching pet for the class mount.  Apparently, Blizzard thought their mounts were not as cool as the rest.   
  • Each class gets a new experience related to that class.  For example, Warlocks will see infernals.  Each class will see different things.  There will be two class specific quests; two a day with different ones each day.  Rogues will do Roguish things.  Mages will do Magey things…
  • You will have some new followers.  All of them are the guardian type.  
  • Followers are going to increase to 900, so if you have extra champion upgrades you will get to use them.  You might want to change your characters to be able to get those upgrades again if you switched out that legion hall upgrade choice.  
  • Solo Instances to get unique skins is going to be challenging.  The mechanics will be difficult and you have to be good at your class.   As gear gets better and new traits are unlocked, it will get a little easier.  It will be very difficult on Launch.   The instances will be comparable to the green fire quest for warlocks.  
  • Spec specific skins will require mastery of every spec, you don’t get it for one and then get them all.  Skins reflect mastery.  To get PvP and Raiding skins you must be a master of those.  Skins replace legendary weapon earnings.  
  • New Legionfall War supplies, will only be used for Contribution to buildings, and you get caches for contributions.  Once the buildings are done then there is no use for War supplies.  

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