Patch 7.2 March 28th – World of Warcraft Legion

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Patch 7.2 is here! I hope it is as awesome as I think it is. Here is a list of all the things that you might want to know about and do in The Largest content patch of all time: First, go back to the class hall to continue the class Campaigns, get artifact quests, and more artifact knowledge.   …

Character Services on Sale: World of Warcraft Legion

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Have you been wanting to make some changes? Maybe now is time since paid services are on sale from March 23 until April 4, 2017. 25 % off – Character Services:   Name Faction Realm Transfer Appearance Race  25 % off – Guild Services: Name Faction Realm Transfer   $10 off   – Legion Standard or Digital Deluxe Upgrade Log in …

UI Improvements: Patch 7.2

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There are several quality of life improvements that have been added for Patch 7.2. A lot of these we have addons for but Blizzard is putting them into game which is good new for those who do not like addons. I have highlighted them in the below video so you can see what is coming in Patch 7.2.  

Orisa Released

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Following a brief and successful viral campaign, Blizzard is officially releasing Orisa, the game’s first tank hero, to the main Overwatch client. Blizzard has released a new video to commemorate her launch. Lead developer Jeff Kaplan describes Orsa as Overwatch’s second “Anchor Tank,” and she features a powerful shield, a devastating long-range minigun attack and an ultimate that empowers her …

WOW eSports NA Arena Tournament

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The best PvP 3v3 teams in North America are invited to qualify for the Blizzcon 3v3 Championship.   I don’t really do PVP but it’s really exciting to watch the teams compete.  3v3  –  First Blizzard event.  The last 8 teams will be broadcast live on Twitch on Saturday, April 8th starting at 11:00 am PDT.  It’s exciting to watch these …

BlizzCon 2017

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The 11th BlizzCon is coming to Anaheim, California November 3rd (Fri) and 4th (Sat). $199+Tax.   Tickets are on sale on two dates: April 5th at 7 pm PDT and April 8th at 10 am PDT Get Your BlizzCon tickets here: Universe There is also a special benefit dinner for Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) the night before for …

PVP Lead Design Q&A: World of Warcraft Legion

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Brian Holinka addressed a wide variety of player questions during the Q&A on March 9th.  Here are a few of the more interesting topics:   We can’t get the gear we want in PvP like we did before – what are you doing about it? What is going on with PvP in the world environment vs. the PvP instances; why are …

Artifact Weapon Trait Additions – What You Need To Know: Patch 7.2 Legion

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In a very long forum post, “Watcher” Ion Hazzikostas outlined where we stand with our Weapons and artifact power, things that are changing in order to gain even more power with our weapon and introduced a mechanic that will lower the gap between the grinders and the seldom players. They have also opened up more artifact research, which now caps at 40, …

Cathedral of Eternal Night – Legion Dungeon Preview

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With Patch 7.2 there will be a new dungeon added to the mix. This dungeon is called Cathedral of Eternal Night and will be a 5 man dungeon with 4 bosses in total. I went though the dungeon on PTR to get a feel for the bosses and the mechanics and I have to say I was pretty pleased with …

Blizzard Tweaks Competitive Matchmaker, Releases Small Balance Patch

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In two Overwatch forum posts posted yesterday, Blizzard announced changes to the current patch as well as changes to Competitive Mode’s matchmaker. The balance patch reduced the effectiveness of Bastion and Zarya,  and changed the maximum percentage of damage reduction a hero can be buffed with. The changes to Bastion focused on the hero’s new Ironclad ability, which was introduced …