Overwatch: Summer Games 2016

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Blizzard has announced the first Overwatch game event: The Summer Games.

The event, which coincides with the 2016 Rio Olympics, offers players the first new skins since launch and even a new game mode. During this event, all loot boxes will contain limited edition cosmetic items and skins based on the various Hero’s nation of origin.

Additionally, the Summer Games event offers a new Brawl mode: Lúcioball. This gorgeous map, set in Estádio das Rãs, Rio de Janeiro, features a 3v3 arena of Lúcios playing against one another in a soccer-like game that looks similar to Rocket League.

The Summer Games is live on all platforms and is the very first Seasonal event for Overwatch. This event will last three weeks, from August 2nd until August 22nd. So get your items as soon as you can!

You can read the whole announcement on the Overwatch Blog.

The Announcement video:






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