Overwatch Patch – September 1st, 2016

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Blizzard released a new balance patch which also announces the beginning of Competitive Play’s second season.

The second season of Competitive Play includes a massive overhaul to Overwatch’s Competitive Play mode, that involves a larger MMR scale and distinct player tiers.

The patch introduces the first new map since release. Eichenwalde is an assault payload map that was previewed at Gamescom in August.

The balance changes are numerous. Xenyatta, D.Va, Lucio, and Genji received nerfs. Xenyatta’s discord orb was reduced from a 50% damage increase to 30%, D.Va’s Defense Matrix was tweaked to reduce players to abuse the ability’s charge, Lucio’s Amp it Up (Speed) was reduced from a 100% speed boost to 70%, and Genji’s mobility was cut down.

The heroes who received buffs are Hanzo, Mei, Mercy, Roadhog, and Soldier: 76. Hanzo’s projectile speed was increased, but the projectile size was reduced, Mei’s ultimate had a minor tweak; the projectile now pierces barriers, Roadhog’s hook was tweaked to change weird interactions with walls, Mercy’s healing was increased along with a minor buff to her ultimate, and Soldier: 76 was given a slight buff to his primary attack, allowing him to shoot more accurately in small bursts.

The patch also contained slight changes to the ultimate system so that ultimates that drain charge – drain more quickly. Blizzard also reverted the change to projectile size from a previous patch.

Read the entirety of the new patch on the Blizzard Forums.

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