Overwatch Patch – June 20, 2017

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Blizzard just released a new patch for Overwatch. This new patch includes a new assault map, new skins, and some balance changes to a few Overwatch heroes.

The biggest change of the patch is Overwatch’s new assault map, Horizon Lunar Colony. The new map is a throwback to Winston’s backstory – growing up on the moon base. In the promotional video announcing the new map, Winston narrates the rebellion of test subjects that resulted in the facility’s current disrepair. This new map looks to be the most awe inspiring of the maps Blizzard has released so far, and it is a welcome addition to the game’s current map pool.

Horizon Lunar Colony has been on the Player Test Region since the end of May.

The other big changes to the game have been brought through balance tweaks. McCree’s ultimate has been strengthened to charge up more quickly because ” it was often too difficult to get even a small amount of damage out before being stopped or killed.” Reaper’s passive, The Reaping, was significantly changed. Blizzard removed Reaper’s ability to pick up health orbs and they added the hero a 20% life steal to all of Reaper’s attacks. Finally, Roadhog was rebalanced to make him less susceptible to head shots, while also reducing the damage to his hook combo.

The rest of the patch included the introduction of the Genji Oni and the Officer D.Va skins to loot boxes, some bug fixes, and some interface updates focusing on player profiles. You can read the entirety of the patch notes on the Overwatch forums. You can also check out the trailer for the Horizon Lunar Colony below.



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