Orisa Released

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Following a brief and successful viral campaign, Blizzard is officially releasing Orisa, the game’s first tank hero, to the main Overwatch client. Blizzard has released a new video to commemorate her launch.

Lead developer Jeff Kaplan describes Orsa as Overwatch’s second “Anchor Tank,” and she features a powerful shield, a devastating long-range minigun attack and an ultimate that empowers her whole team. Orsa is certain to be an exciting new addition to the Overwatch meta game. Particularly significant is that Orisa’s abilities are powerful at a longer range than any of the other tanks, which should have major competitive balance changes for the game. 

The new hero has been available for almost three weeks, being introduced to the game’s Player Test Region on March 2nd. It will be exciting to see how she shakes up both quick play and competitive mode for the rest of the season.

Go play her now!

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