October’s Ranked Play Season Brings Home the Pie

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With the Hearthstone October Ranked Play Season Live and on a roll, Blizzard is revealing a new card back for your collection! With the unveiling of this card back, all I can say is YUMMM!

Whether you are a new Hearthstone player or a seasoned one, you can’t help but want to eat this card up! For the month of October, this awesomely delicious looking card is available to add to your collection. This card back will replace the backs of your other cards with great art and is nice way to show off all your accomplishments. To gain the pie card back you need to hit rank 20 in Standard Ranked play mode OR Wild Ranked play mode. The card will be given at the end of October’s Ranked Play Season in your Ranked Play rewards chest. Think of it as a “Tasty Treasure!”

For those who are still getting a feel for the game and haven’t done Ranked Play before, here is a quick rundown of how the chest earning works:

  • Chests are earned based on your highest earned rank over the course of that season.
  • Can contain seasonal card backs, Arcane dust and golden cards.
  • Can be earned in either Standard or Wild Ranked Play Modes.
  • You may only receive one chest per season based on your highest rank between the two play modes.

When you play Ranked and move up the ladder you will earn more bonus stars for the following season. The bonus stars are based on your previous seasons performance and you earn one star per rank you achieve.

A reminder to those who have earned Rank 20 from the previous seasons bonus stars, you still need to log in during each season in order to qualify for the card back rewards.

“Pie makes everybody happy.” 
― Laurie Halse Anderson

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