New Game Mode: Heroes Brawl

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Heroes Brawl is an exciting new game-mode that gives you a nice break from the grind of the Nexus. This new mode is slated to break all the rules as we know them. With this new mode comes three different types of battlegrounds. The Hero selection has changed as well. You can have preset heroes, pick from a custom line up, or a random selector. If you do three Brawls a week, you will get unique rewards and gold. 

  • Standard maps with mutators
    • A lot of new modifiers have been added.  Although they are being tight lipped about what is being added, Blizzard stated it will seriously change the way you play.
  • New Arenas
    • Punisher Arena
      • First team to 100 points takes the win.
    • Temple Arena
      • Destroy the enemy core by capturing temples.
    • Garden Arena
      • Collect seeds from Garden Terrors and Shamblers. First team to 100 seeds takes the win.
  • Single-lane Battlegrounds

All three are specifically designed for Blizzard Brawl!




Watch a preview of some of the game play below

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