Nethershard Guide: Patch 7.2 Legion

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First let’s talk about Nethershards and what they are used for in Patch 7.2. Basically, Nethershards are the new Apexis Crystals and we will hunt them like crack for various reasons. You will use these to purchase items from a few vendors and once they have released that content, collecting them will be part of a quest for Breaching the Tomb.

Farming and Spending Nethershards

Nethershards drop from mobs and elites around the Broken Shore. There are two vendors for Nethershards located at Deliverance Point:

  • The first vendor is the Legionfall Rep vendor – Warmage Kath’leen:
    • Legionfall tabard
    • Various toys
    • Vanity items
    • The Nethershard Essence needed to craft new legendaries
    • Consumables that increase stats to help your questing around the Broken Shore
    • Dauntless gear which is slot specific 850+ item level gear that can randomly upgrade to Warforged and Titanforged gear.
  • The second vendor – Thaumaturge Vashreen:
    •  Offers slot-specific Relinquished token with an 880+ item level, and can also randomly upgrade to Warforged and Titanforged gear.
      • These tokens also have a small chance to become a Legendary item upon use.
The Sentinax and Beacons
  • The Sentinax is a ship which is a Legion Command Ship that wreaks all kinds of mayhem on the Broken Shore.
  • The best and most effective way is to take advantage of the Sentinax system that Blizzard has in place for what seems to be this reason.
    • Farming the mobs under and around the ship has a chance to drop beacons.
    • You will know you are in the range of the ship because you will have a buff Called the Shadow of the Sentinax
    • The ship will move around the island throughout the day about every 3 hours or so according to WoWhead.
    • It is best to form a group with your guild or friends.
    • You can also use the premade group finder and start or join a farming group.
Using the Sentinax Beacons

I did a quick video guide if you are more visual. Check it out below:



*The item information was used from Wowhead and their data-mine information. Their in-depth guide can be found here: Nethershard Information

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