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PvE esports

Stage 1: THE PROVING GROUNDS. For 2 weeks from July 25 to August 8, all 5 member teams have to complete 5 mythic keystone dungeons and get the highest scores worldwide.  They have to submit their top score using a Special Form. Don’t send in the form until after the contest period ends, or it will be thrown out. The top 8 teams in each region move on to the next stage. 

Stage 2: 4 regional championships. This is likely a double elimination using a team against team format. 8 teams per region is reduced to 2 per region in the regional championship.

Final Event: 8 regional teams 2 from each region compete in a single elimination team vs team competition.  
All the events will be televised on

    Prizes                              Team    Player

  • First                          50.0k,  10.0k              
  • Second                     20.0k,   4.0k        
  • third and fourth,    10.0k,   2.0k        
  • fifth to eighth,          2.5k,       .5k

No player substitutions.  Official Rules

What do you think will it be fun to watch?   Is it worth 10k to complete?



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