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An eagerly anticipated announcement from Method today brought exciting news in regards to Overwatch. Method has signed the team 1Shot to represent them as an official Overwatch team. Method has been thinking about adding an Overwatch team since November 2014, when the game was initially announced. With Method being a force to be reckoned with on so many other games in the Blizzard world, it’s no surprise to see them come out swinging in the 2016 ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Gamescom North America Qualifiers. Taking the win over Northern Gaming in the ELEAGUE, Overwatch Open North America Regional Qualifiers was huge and really showed the Overwatch world that they are here to play.

North American Team Roster

Jacob “PsychoWaffle”Oyer  – @Psycho_Waffle

Nicholas “exi” Dudek – @exi_ow

Brandon “ultimawep” Wilson – @ultimawep

Eric “Krawnnic” Beaugh – @Krawnnic

Randal “Roolf” Stark – @RoolfOW 

Team Manager is @APOTENTBEAST 

Coach is  @SEAMOOSE1

I had the privilege sitting down with Team Manager APOTENTBEAST this morning to discuss the exciting future ahead for team Method:

Belle: First, how exciting this is for Method? I talked about this a few weeks ago wondering if Method was going to break out into Overwatch. Also the win for the Gamescon Qualifiers was amazing. With such a solid win basically saying, ” Hi we are here to win,” who do you consider the team to beat for the finals?

APOTENTBEAST: We don’t want to go in underestimating any of the teams that are in the running right now. We’ve seen unexpected teams come through and pull out upsets so we are certainly looking out for everyone. If we had to put a few teams in the pile of “teams to beat” we think it’d be EnVyUs, Cloud 9, and TSM as the ones we have a really close eye on to take down. EnVyUs has been essentially unbeatable for the longest time so they are by far the biggest threat in competitive Overwatch.

Belle: I agree and Cloud is also on such another level that is scary if you are going against them.
Also I notice you currently have 5 man roster, have you found the 6th person or are you still looking?

APOTENTBEAST: Just yesterday we decided on a sixth roster slot after weeks of tryouts to find the perfect fit. We have settled on someone after trials were completed. Excited to shift focus from trying out people and working on practicing as a team.

Belle: That is awesome. Team work and synergy in a game with such a high level of everything going on at once is needed. With BlizzCon on the horizon, what are the plans for the OW team at BlizzCon?

APOTENTBEAST: We’re interested to see what Blizzard has in store for Overwatch at BlizzCon. At the moment we don’t know if there will be any events but all we can hope for is spending the next few weeks really focusing on building up that team synergy with our new roster member Snow. I feel if we keep our heads down and work hard on gaining grounds on those top 3 teams then we really have a chance to make any event BlizzCon may introduce for the growing Overwatch scene.

Belle: Blizzard and their secrets. HAHA. Since practice is such a huge part of OW life, can we expect to see Method in a lot random of tourneys leading to the larger ones? If so any upcoming ones you would like to note for us to mark in our calendars?

APOTENTBEAST: We’ll definitely be playing as many of the GosuGamers tournaments as we can each Sunday. We try to keep an eye out on some of the smaller tournaments too but we really want to keep practicing for the larger ones. Our weeks are pretty crammed full with scrimmages against the top teams so any small tournaments we’ll have to weigh their value to the team.

Belle: That makes perfect sense. This is all very exciting and looking at the roster you guys really have a great team to start. We are excited to see the progress with Method. One final question and this is the most important one, are you team Valor, Mystic or Instinct?

APOTENTBEAST: Thanks, we’re all really excited to see how far we can go with this roster and we believe we can do it. And I feel like that last question is a trick to pit the Overwatch community against me! Hahaha

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