Mage Class Order Hall Walkthrough: Legion Alpha

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The Mage order hall, Hall of the Guardians, is a sanctum located within Dalaran, which, in Legion, has been moved to the Broken Isles. The Hall of the Guardians will be an integral part to pursuing the Mage Artifact Weapon and Mages will be able to return to their hall from anywhere, much in the same way you can return to your Garrison now.

Here is a preview, featuring some of the highlights of this upcoming feature. Pwncast’s Loremaster Lycan shares some history on the Mage class and the original Mages on Azeroth- the Kaldori. Enjoy!

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  1. I began with a search for a class order hall MAP or settle for a guide.
    This walk around is not very informative as to where things are and what they do.
    I hate the Mage Hall up and down stairsdifferent level along corridors then back co you picked the wrong route BAH a short striaght line would have been better. I’ve toons of every class and dont need to have to lear my way around every different order hall. Garrisons were much better thought out, even choices where you want stuff.
    I was not looking for a lesson in the Lore it may be intertesting for some and it was good but .. I want to be able to use my class hall easily and find the stuff thats in it.
    This video does not do that very well .. so as a straight forward guide .. it does not work.

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