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Now that we have been in Patch 7.1 for a while – Blizzard Game Director – Ion Hazzikostas, announced at Blizzcon a “small” patch, 7.1.5, will be coming soon™. In this patch these are the things that we can expect to see:

Timewalking in Pandaria:

Timewalking will be bringing all your favorite Panda Land Dungeons. We will be seeing the following dungeons:

Temple of the Jade Serpent

Shado-Pan Monastery 

Stormstout Brewery

Gate of the Setting Sun

Mogu’shan Palace

Siege of the Niuzao Temple

Class Changes:

Nothing has been set in stone, however they have been listening to feed back and are looking to add more diversity for talents.  An example: “In the Barrage row for Marksman Hunters, it feels like there is only one option in the row that you must take regardless of your play style. There’s room for fine-tuning, and we want to make it so everyone feels like they can customize their character to their liking,” stated Ion.

They are also looking to close the gap when it comes to secondary stats. Also utilities are being added or returned…so good news Hunters, your traps are back. Shroud of Concealment is also returning for Rogues.

Ion, went even further into the game’s future and gave us of glimpse of the big patch, 7.2, as well. Here is what we can expect.

Return to the Broken Shore:
We will return where our leaders fell, where so many lives were lost and we barely escaped with our own. Now that we have built up our weapons and sent out orders we will return. Hopefully with a new outcome. So with this, we continue with Class Order Campaigns. A new faction, Armies of Legionfall,  will help us fight back and new World Quests will become available.  

We will  have to build up forces by rebuilding ancient Elven buildings. They will grant us needed benefits and a unique way of playing and earning rewards.
Legion Assaults:
These assaults will be returning to the map in Azsuna, Val’sharah, Stormheim, ect. While the assaults are going on in an area, the world quests will be disabled in that zone. Having defeated an assault – a new feature is a three player scenario where you will take the fight straight to the Legion ship.

Now that we are heading to the sky to take the battle to them, flying will be back! In order to get flying in Legion, you will have to complete a couple of achievements: Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One and Part Two.

Epic Class Flying Mounts:
Yes, you read that right, each class will receive their own epic looking mount with the ability to fly. 

Tomb of Sargeras:
This is a new raid and will contain nine new bosses to defeat. You will descend into the depths and harness the pillars of creation to seal off the legion.

A few of the bosses listed include a pitlord/infernal which will crash through the wall in a way that we might have seen in the Cata dungeon, Stonecore on the first boss. 
On the first floor, there will be a new member of the legion’s army that we haven not seen yet. He will be a melee- like variant of a jailer.
As you continue on into the Naga-controlled areas, you will encounter a powerful Naga brute.
As well as a seawitch who commands a powerful kracken.
In the lowest part of the tomb, you will encounter the fallen avatar of Sargeras – shell of a body where the soul used to reside…but only dark corrupted power remains. 
Lastly listed for this raid was Kil’Jaeden as the final boss.
New Dungeon: Cathedral of Eternal Night:
In this new dungeon, we will encounter four bosses and will compliment the raid story line. Will be available on normal, heroic, and mythic/+ difficulty.
Brawls have been added to PvP. These brawls will alter the rules slightly in a new weekly brawl that will add spice to the gameplay.  
Blizzard has these listed as follows: 
  • Southshore vs. Tarren Mill – Dive into this classic large-scale game of team deathmatch.
  • Instant-Cap Warsong Gulch – You don’t need to protect your own flag. Just grab and go!
  • Packed House: 15 v 15 Arena – Who needs elbow room?
  • Gravity Lapse – Defy the law of gravity in this brawl.
  • Winter Arathi Basin – Low visibility and iced over waterways await you.
  • Eye of the Horn – Mounted ram fights are the new PvP.


Because they want the weapons to stay relevant, Blizzard is expanding with new utility traits, as well as a golden trait. Traits will also become empowered, meaning they will now reach up to rank four rather than three.  Knowing all this will cost more Artifact Power, they are also giving us more artifact knowledge. A catch-up mechanic for alts or new players that will be purchased with order hall resources will also be available. Alongside this, relics can now offer not one but two traits! 
So ,of course, with all these changes new looks for the weapon will be added as well. This will be a solo skill challenge.
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Dungeon Updates:
Dungeons will be getting revamped and retuned in order to keep them relevant. This means  higher scaled rewards and difficulty. Arcway and Court of Stars will become heroic queue-able, and Karazhan will be separated so they can be completed in keystone runs as well as queue-able for heroic difficulty.  New affixes will be added to keystones as well. 
With the end of the panel drawing near, we are told that our journey is not over. We shall taking this story off Azeroth ad going to Argus. 
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