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Last week Blizzard began a weekly live-streaming Q&A with the Legion developers, leading up to the sixth expansion’s release on August 30. This week was a discussion with the Professions developer Paul Kubit. Paul dove into questions regarding the changes in Legion, why the changes were made and some ideas to be watching for in the future. Professions have always been a sore point with every expansion. Some issues this time around include the monotonous pace of secondary professions, lack of variety of items and BOP of crafting materials.

What use is it to double gatherers? Why not BOA so it can be traded among other characters?

  • Blood of Sargeras is meant to be a measure of how much you are playing the game.
  • All the sources for Blood of Sargeras weren’t added at once during the beta. They were added to gathering profession nodes very early, but they are meant to be from many sources. This looked a bit misleading at first and could be communicated better.
  • Current Problems: for people who don’t have a lot of it, and want more (double crafters, for example), more sources are being added, changes are being made. World quests are moved around so crafters will see more crafter-specific world quests, and some rewards will include more Blood of Sargeras than before. At the same time, some of the Blood of Sargeras rewards from gathering world quests have been toned down. Bloods have been added to Dungeon Bosses and the Shoulder enchant which rewards Bloods from random creatures, Boon of the Bloodhunter, will have the Reputation requirement lowered from Exalted to Revered.
  • There has also been tuning on the crafting side: Some professions required much more Blood of Sargeras than others, so that has been readjusted.
  • Another problem is trickier – having an excess of Blood of Sargeras. The production of Obliterum requires Blood of Sargeras, and it has been adjusted to be higher. More plans TBA.
  • In Legion, the crafting Equip restriction has been removed. You can wear a full set of crafted gear.
  • Since you can upgrade gear with Obliterum, which has a Blood of Sargeras cost, the Bloods can’t be BoE because then people could just “buy” power with gold (example: buy WoW Token with money, sell it to acquire gold).
  • As to why Blood of Sargeras can’t be BoA: “We don’t want you to have to have a full stable of alts in order to play the game as effectively as possible.” Blizzard loves alts, and profession alts. However, people shouldn’t feel pushed to have a bunch of alts funneling Blood of Sargeras (eg multiple Garrisons, multiple Tillers farms). Blood of Sargeras is acquired in a similar fashion to bound items like Order Resources or Artifact Power–big questlines, time-gated content like World Quests or dungeons and raids, and then less-efficient yet repeatable methods like shoulder enchants, nodes. So if Blood of Sargeras were unbound, some players would feel compelled to do a World Quest when it pops up, or to focus on one important questline.
  • More changes are still being made!

Why are dual crafters at a disadvantage getting Blood of Sargeras vs. gatherer-crafters?

  • Gatherers should have a bit of a bonus. It’s meant to be a tradeoff–gatherers have more Blood of Sargeras to craft smaller pool of items, crafters have less Blood of Sargeras but can craft more items.

Any way to dump Blood of Sargeras, like a trade-in vendor?

  • A trade in vendor might be the way to go, similar to Spirit of Harmony.

What is being done in Legion about Profession Fantasy?

  • A lot is being done, such as more immersive quests to make you feel like you’re actually a crafter. Some quests replicate the steps to actually create a piece of armor, like firing ingots and cooling them in a trough.

Is there a chance of Engineers getting a Mount to craft? Engineers really feel like there is nothing to sell.

  • The Failure Detection Pylon is a cool item! This will mass-res nearby players, useful for a raid wipe.
  • There are toy-type utility items like Gunshoes.
  • Part of the fantasy of being an Engineer is making cool things for yourself, more so than other professions. An example of this is Reaves Battery, an updated version of Jeeves who can do many things, like the Failure Pylon, if you add modules to him.

Will removed recipes (Naxx 40) be added to the BMAH?

  • The BMAH includes things iconic to their time, so perhaps a cool end-game raid pattern with a unique appearance for transmog could appear.
  • However, if it’s a recipe that creates a generic item and the appearance isn’t unique, then likely not.

Can recipe restoration books work for pre-Legion recipes? As people feel forced to drop professions with rare recipes due to Gathering.

  • In Legion, a lot of recipes are from quests–previously, recipes were mostly from trainers or drops. Since there’s no way to redo a quest if you drop and relearn a profession, books are a solution to giving you back the rewards from completed profession quests.
  • If there is something cool and desirable that people want to collect again from past expansions, alternate methods can be looked at, like the Darkmoon Faire or BMAH.

Will we see the return of profession buffs, like extra sockets?

  • Leatherworking can make Stonehide Leather Barding which prevents your mount from being dazed. The duration of the buff for Leatherworkers is quadrupled. There are little touches like this, but not major dramatic things like a huge stat boost.
  • There are no profession buffs so people don’t feel forced into a particular profession. Players should pick a profession to fit their character fantasy.

Will professions be able to create Transmog Sets?

  • Yes! Not for 7.0 because there are tons of ways to get transmog with the new system. Additional ones from professions may be lost with everything new. However, in the future, professions could be a way to introduce some new cool looks.

What is the long-term vision for professions in Legion?

  • You will be able to make level 815 gear at the start, and increase it to 850 via Obliterum. This is a big deal at the very start of Legion. As time goes on, the materials are more affordable so this gear will be easier to obtain.
  • Every expansion the team reassesses what the driving force of professions should be. In Legion, there’s the Obliterum Forge to fit into the demonic theme. So the theme of 8.0 will likely be reflected in key components for professions.
  • You can make nearly everything at skill level 1, similar to Warlords, so you feel you can swap professions and participate in some end-game profession content. There are only a few items which require max skill level, like prestige items.

Will professions keep up with raid tiers, either in terms of the items they can produce or upgrades to items they can provide?

  • They want them to be able to complete and remain viable outside of the 7.0 cycle. Right now the Forge increases gear to 850; in the future, it could increase even more.

Are there any catch-up mechanics for Fishing and Archaeology?

  • No mechanics planned right now, as you can work on both professions in Legion content at skill level 1.

Can crafted relics be turned into Obliterum. Can Obliterum be used to upgrade crafted relics?

  • Anything crafted can be put into the forge, including flasks and enchants.
  • You cannot use Obliterum to upgrade relics, only armor.
  • In a future build, Legion crafted relics (such as Terrorspike) will be ilvl 805, up from 750.

Will there be petals or nuggets for low-level Miners and Herbalists?

  • No; these items appeared to take up a lot of bag space.
  • There is still a ramp-up process in the form of 3 gathering ranks for each type of gathering item.
  • Each gathering rank will have more benefits (such as Aethril), including finding Blood of Sargeras while gathering.

Why is there more randomness like item level in crafted gear, when the randomized stats can’t be rerolled?

  • Randomized stats are kept, and the stats reroll item was removed because players will likely be creating many more items in Legion than in Warlords. So you can look back at the 20 pieces of gear you made and pick one.
  • Example: In Warlords, you create one ring and a bunch of reroll items. In Legion, you craft a bunch of the rings until you get the stat distribution you want, and then turn the other rings into Obliterum to boost the ilvl of your ring.

Are there weapon enchants in Legion? If not, why do DKs keep Runeforging?

  • No weapon enchants in Legion. The weapon you’re using throughout all of Legion is the Artifact Weapon, which comes baked in with 34 modifiers, so enchants are less interesting.
  • The exciting proc-based enchants have been moved to neck enchants. These enchants have different procs based on the stats chosen on your rings and cloaks.

Any plans to make a united bank of reagents for all characters on a server? Sending reagents many times between alts isn’t fun.

  • No plans to do it at the time, but agreed: it isn’t fun.

Fishing Artifact – should this be an item you can acquire more easily when starting off Fishing, to have as you skill up?

  • Purposely meant to be kept vague, having hidden things in the world keeps things fun. Don’t believe everything you datamine; you don’t need to complete the Wish Remover achievement. This is meant to be something for people who love fishing.

Any plans to make Archaeology less tedious? Like finding rares from past expansions.

  • Core gameplay is the same, but you get feedback when you stand on top of the item you dig up–a shovel is above your head.
  • In Legion there are fewer random projects–5 common projects per race.
  • Rare solves come from ongoing storyline instead. Every 2 weeks, a quest appears from archaeology trainer at level 110 which grants a rare item. (Related achievement for obtaining the rare items: This Side Up)
  • No changes planned right now for older rare solves.

Will Gem Chips have a larger use? Currently used for just one recipe (Nightborne Delicacy Platter). Will they have a use within Jewelcrafting since they are obtained from prospecting ore?

  • The color of your chips change, which gives you information that the next gem you prospect is that color gem. So if you want a specific gem, you could prospect cheap ore, and then when you see the right color pop up, switch to prospecting better ore to get your gem.
  • Otherwise, they are vendor trash.

Will humanoids drop cloth? As a Tailor with no Barn, cloth felt very tedious to obtain in WoD.

  • Yep, there may be number tuning but they do currently drop Shal’dorei Silk in beta.
  • As a Tailor, you should obtain cloth by grinding areas with humanoids in Legion.

Why is there no bigger bag from Tailoring this expansion?

  • It was a deliberate choice to see what other useful items can be given to tailors. The Legion bag currently is 24 slots,  Silkweave Satchel, and cheap to make.

Why are Skinners at a disadvantage regarding personal nodes and multi-tap enemies, while Miners and Herbalists sharing nodes?

  • Skinning doesn’t follow this paradigm because it is implemented in a different way. It’s always been a bit different, as you can make your own nodes by killing the mobs. Another perk is that Skinners can skin corpses left behind by other players.
  • There are probably ways this can be better, not for 7.0, but perhaps in a future patch. There are some challenges to make skinning multi-tap effectively.

Any plans for more experienced crafters to craft better things than novice crafters? As opposed to just more stuff.

  • As you get better at crafting an item, you require fewer reagents or don’t need to travel to a special place to craft an item.
  • The ranks are intended to be efficiency gains.
  • Novice crafters shouldn’t feel like the gear they craft is suboptimal.
  • The suggestion was tossed about that perhaps the more experienced crafters could create Warforged versions of gear in the future.

Is Jewelcrafting going to be relevant again? How many sockets on average?

  • The number of sockets should be the same as in Draenor, or perhaps a little more. For example, crafted rings and necks have guaranteed sockets on it.

Have you considered changing gathering Professions to Secondaries?

  • This discussion is held every expansion. The focus this expansion was pushing Professions into a content space with new quests.
  • Concern for the future is changing the fantasy of a Miner or Herbalist. Something similar was attempted with the Warlords Garrison, and there was mixed feedback when everyone could get ore and herbs.

Will new recipes and quests be added in Legion patches?

  • Yep! Scribes, for example, make Vantus Runes, which increase your strength against a particular raid boss for a week. So as raid bosses are added, more runes will be added.
  • There are also opportunities with new dungeons and world content to add more questlines or crafted items.

Any plans to introduce new Professions in the future?

  • No plans now, but it’s something always discussed.

With the removal of the glyph system, what is the function for Inscription in Legion?

  • Glyphs still exist, but they don’t give player power. Only cosmetic (aka Minor) ones remain. You apply the glyph directly to a spell.
  • Scribes also have the Vantus Runes, as well as the Tome of the Clear Mind to swap talents in the world.
  • Scribes can also make Steamy Romance Novel kits.

In case you missed last week’s Q&A with Senior Game Director, Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas, you can watch the full video here: Legion Developer Q&A

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