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Invasions, Demon Hunters, the Broken Shore, and more! If you think that WoD has been a content drought then you’re in for a monsoon tomorrow! After regularly scheduled maintenance, several prelaunch events will begin. Many of the events will only be around for a limited time, so make sure to check everything out before the actual expansion drops on August 30th.

Demon Invasions

Demon Invasions are cross-factional four stage scenarios that will occur across Azeroth. Specifically, the following six zones:  Azshara, Dun Morogh, Hillsbrad Foothills, Northern Barrens, Tanaris, and Westfall, will all be under attack by the Legion! Not all of these zones will be under attack at the same time, however, so make sure to check your in-game map for information and timers regarding when each invasion will begin.

Completing one invasion awards you  Stand Against the Legion and completing all six gives Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions. Both of these achievements are Feats of Strength, so make sure to get them before they’re gone!

Each invasion zone has a central hub, known as an invasion point. Stage one begins with a heavy assault of demons against this invasion point. Next, you’ll have to work to take down a demon commander and two lieutenant mini-bosses. In stage three, you’ll want to spread out around the zone to destroy demonic structures, aid friendly NPCs, and of course fight more demons. This gameplay is similar to the “fill the bar” mechanic from Tanaan Jungle dailies, however, any players in the zone can contribute towards its progress. The final stage consists of a tough boss fight at the central invasion point. Watch out for several unforgiving abilities – fel fire hurts!

Each invasion zone also has a few unique mechanics. Faction leaders such as Prince Gallywix and Muradin Bronzebeard might just make a few appearances on the battlefield. Demolishers and mechatank vehicles are available to aid you in battle, and other interactable items such as bombs will help you take down the toughest demons.

Each invasion rewards you with a new currency, called Nethershards. These can be redeemed at Illidari vendors in capital cities and in each invasion zone for several unique items. Notable rewards include: the Felbat Pup, four new ensemble transmog sets (1, 2, 3, 4), and a plethora of ilvl 700 gear to help with equipping alts for the arrival of the expansion. Many of the weapons also have unique collectible appearances!

Broken Shore

Visit your faction’s capital city to automatically receive the opening quest for the Broken Shore Scenario. After shining your armor, practicing combat, and making other preparations (insert corny Illidan joke), you’ll be whisked away to the Broken Shore to take on the Legion! In an effort to avoid spoilers, we won’t go into too much detail, but expect to spend about an hour fighting demons in a cross-factional scenario with several other notable NPCs. Rewards include various pieces of 685 gear, including some weapons with unique appearances.

Demon Hunters

Those who have pre-purchased Legion will finally be able to create demon hunters! This unique hero class starts at level 98 and the intro experience takes place through level 100. Keep in mind that creating a demon hunter will require you to already have a level 70 character on that realm and you also can only have one demon hunter per realm. If you have not yet pre-purchased Legion, it’s not too late to do so! Those who do not pre-purchase will be able to create demon hunters once the expansion releases on August 30th.

Dark Whispers

Players in capital cities will randomly receive mysterious whispers offering great power. A unique action bar will appear, granting you the ability to kill friendly players, take the appearance of NPCs, and ultimately transform into a dreadlord to unleash your doom upon the city! If you don’t want to participate in this event, simply disable the effect by clicking off the randomly received buff.

Prelaunch Questline

After completing the Broken Shore Scenario event, you’ll be sent on an adventure with Archmage Khadgar. Your journey will take you to Dalaran, Ulduar, and even Karazhan as you discover more about the Legion!


Doomsayers were implemented with the prepatch several weeks ago. If you haven’t gotten the It All Makes Sense Now Feat of Strength, then make sure to read our guide!


Tomorrow has a lot in store! Well, actually not for the EU – tomorrow’s gonna be boring as hell for you.

Which of the prelaunch events are you most excited for? Comment below!

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