Legion Patch 7.2.5

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7.2.5 Brings us a few new pieces of content. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Black Temple Timewalking – level 70 and higher – difficulty flexes for 10 – 30 people. 
  2. The Deaths of Chromie Story Scenario
  3. Deadmines Pet Battling: a pet battle dungeon. Talk to Breanni at The Magical Menagerie in Dalaran to queue up.
  4. Darkmoon Fair – killer guitar mace or helmet transmog – and other heavy metal themed happenings.
  5. Midsummer Fire Festival – expanded to Draenor and Broken Isles.
  6. Heirlooms can now scale to 110 and you may purchase the tokens at the Heirloom vendor in Undercity or Ironforge.  
    • Heirloom vendors now also sell items that can teach the flight paths of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms to your alt characters.  
  7. Items that use Obliterum for upgrades can now be increased up to 885ilvl. 
  8. A significant increase on the drop rate of rank 3 recipes.
  9. Four one-day micro holiday events have been added:
    • The Trial of Style – for the transmog enthusiasts
    • Moonkin Festival
    • Auction House Dance Studio
    • The Great Gnomeregan Race

All that and lots more! Be sure to check out the full notes over at the Official World of Warcraft Blog for more info on specific class and gear changes.



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