Legion Invasion – Pre Patch Beta Test Preview

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For the Legion Beta todaythe developers had a special 24 hour event for us testers to test a portion of the pre patch festivities. This was the Legion Demon Invastion. They set the Legion invasion in 6 zones on a special realm in Beta. If you do not want to see any of the pre patch stuff you might not want to watch the video but I did capture the majority of the invasion. The 6 zones listed below are where we got to see the Legion attacking. We as the heroes were tasked with defending the fel invaders and ridding Azeroth of some vary large demons. Keep in mind this is a small part of the pre patch event that will be taking place sometime next month. 


The 6 zones:

Hillsbrad Foothills
Dun Morogh
Northern Barrens


We hope you enjoy the video below along with some of the new Legion music. 


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  1. Morning Belle 

    Love the videos g8 work but could you explain the pre patch for me? Is this the early chance for people like me who have purchased the deluxe expansion where we were promised early access to the expansion to try out the demon hunter or is it something else? If it is early access are we able to start levelling early as well? Love the show even though I've never pvp,d and I've never paid any attention to lore but you guys and the movie have opened my eyes and ears. Don't let the lads bully you or they will have me to answer too lol ? I play a mist weaver monk on Silvermoon EU server Cuddlybruce ?

    1. Post

      So the pre patch will be the series of events that will take place before the Legion Expanstion. Pre patch should be sometime in July. I am thinking mid July since the pre patch is not on the PTR yet. Early access to demon hunters will likely be a few weeks before Legion. I would guess about first week of August. Also thank you for your kind words! You are awesome. – Belle 

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