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Blizzard has revealed there will be a new mobile app for Legion. This is now live for both iPhones and Android phones. This app will allow you to keep tabs on your Class Order Hall missions and recruits. 

Class Order Halls

  • You can upgrade or change you Class Order Hall upgrades remotely.
  • You can manage your champions equipment or train new troops.
  • You will be able to see all your available missions and send your followers on a mission.
  • When the mission is finished the rewards will be waiting for you when you log back in game.
  • There is also a nice World Quest filter option.


World Quests

  • Once you reach level 110 you will be able to do World Quests.
  • The app will show you a map of all the world quests available.
  • You will still need to log in to game to be able to complete the World Quests. 


See the video CM Lore did on the new app below:

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