Legion: Beta Build 6/2

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The Pre-Patch stress test was supposed to be playable on Beta June 2nd. It's been postponed, BUT – "good new everyone!" – there was a nice beta update in its stead. Updated login screen now with new music, sound files out the wazoo for all the zones, and many more miscellaneous changes. Also, a small hidden reference was found in the Beta: Charlie the Unicorn.

For those that have lived under a rock, hidden from the internet for the past 8 years, you may be unaware of Charlie the Unicorn. This will enlighten you by bringing you into the fold of the internet. There will be a reference to this short clip in Legion.

Charlie the Unicorn lays dead on a hill, a.k.a. (Candy Mountain); two unicorns aren't far from the corpse: Devious Sunrunner and Sinister Leyrunner. You take them out and then a box appears next the Charlie's body, it contains Enchanted Sunrunner Kidney

Updated login screen, this is less dark and has little bit more vibrant color but still has a menacing feel to it. Personally, I feel this updated version is something that could be stared at happily while waiting for the servers to open on launch.

Login Screen: Updated

A very big plus for Beta – the login music has been added, it's quite powerful in terms of the feeling it portrays. It sounds familiar but has pleasant changes as it progresses. 


Loading screens are being added-on in regular updates, this one isn't different. This loading screen is for Violet Hold, looks a quite bit more ominous than the Violet Hold of old during Wrath of the Lich King. 

Violet Hold

Models for the  Codex of the Tranquil Mind have been uploaded, and they look like majestic tomes ready for reading. 

Codex of the Tranquil Mind – Alliance Version

Codex of the Tranquil Mind – Horde Version

Quite a significant change to World Quests; they will not be unlocked until you acquire friendly with all Broken Isles Factions. Interesting gating on World Questing; it make sense, but at the same time could be a nuisance for alts. When your character obtains the friendly rep with factions you will also gain an item.  Flight Master's Whistle, which whisks your character away to the nearest flight master. This item is only usable in Broken Isles. This could help with mobility and getting around the island. 

Requirements for World Quests

Many more datamined information can be found here: Legion Beta Build 21846 Data Updates

What are your thoughts on the new login screen and music? Let us know in the comments!

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