Legion: Alpha Build 4/27

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The alpha was updated again with new things to break and fix, new achievements, events and class changes (minor revisions and tweaks). The big thing is the addition of the Part One of the Pathfinder achievement – a set of prerequisites to enable flying at a later patch. There are new mounts, new toys, Order Hall class sets and [spoiler title=’Spoiler’]the possible fixing of the Stormwind Park[/spoiler].

Class Status – We’ve made many iterations based on feedback and testing. Here are some highlights:
General – We're starting to really dig into bugfixing; thanks for all the reports.
Vengeance Demon Hunters – Several talents revised.
Protection Warrior – A few talents revised or replaced.
Subtlety Rogues – Removed Symbols of Death from the GCD.
Affliction Warlock – Soul Effigy revised to not provide such a drastic increase in proc chances.
Holy Paladin – Several talents replaced and revised.
Holy Priest – Apotheosis revised.
Retribution Paladin – Level 100 talents replaced and revised.
Artifact Trait Status – Nearly all traits are implemented, and rough ballpark tuning has started for some artifacts.
Outlaw Rogue – Curse of the Dreadblades duration tweaked.
Elemental Shaman – Power of the Maelstrom and Stormkeeper tweaked.
Holy Paladin – Tyr’s Deliverance also increases further healing from Holy Light and Flash of Light on affected targets.
Subtlety Rogue – Fortune’s Bite revised.
Shadow Priest – Sphere of Insanity revised.
Destruction Warlock – Lord of Flames redesigned.
Guardian Druid – Rage of the Sleeper revised.
Unholy Death Knight – Apocalypse now also performs a melee strike.
Suramar – Countless bugs have been fixed, and more content added to this new zone.

4/27 Alpha Build Design Notes

Based on the official blue post for the updated design notes, it looks a pretty uneventful update. We'll quickly see this as quite a big update filled with spoilers, more than just bug fixes and more fun for everyone.

Have you gotten your Pathfinder achievement in Draenor yet? Feel like you were rushed when it was shoehorned in? This time around, they will be easing the achievements out to obtain flying around the Broken Isles. Which is great news as we can now finish them at a more a brisk pace instead of a breakneck one. To complete the first step in the Broken Isle Pathfinder, there will be 5 meta acheivements –

New Vicious mounts – Vicious Gilnean Warhorse, Vicious War Elekk, Vicious War Trike, and Vicious Warstrider.
Renames for Gladiator mounts – Cruel Gladiator's Infernal, Fearless Gladiator's Infernal, Ferocious Gladiator's Infernal, Vindictive Gladiator's Infernal and Demonic Gladiator's Infernal.

Some really nice loading screens were added as well –




***SPOILER click if you dare***

[spoiler title=’Spoiler’] There are no "actual" screenshots only datamined rendered images, but the park will be repaired and a monument will stand in its place."The hard-working citizens of Stormwind have been hard at work rebuilding the remaining destroyed section of the city. It is there that a monument of such significance will go."-Kalgan.

[Thread here][/spoiler]

There is a Legion Pre-Event currently being tested that WoWhead explains the details for well.. "As Muffinus stated in a blue post, players in Stormwind and Orgrimmar randomly start hearing whispers. You then get an action bar with 5 abilities as well as 9 stacks of Frail Mind. If you don't want to play, you can simply click the buff off.

You have an ability called Turn Ally that turns a targeted player Hostile. Turning an ally will make a stack of Frail Mind go away but also makes you hostile, so you need to use your Cloak of Darkness to vanish for a bit so you aren't killed. You can disguise yourself as you go around doing this too with Illusionary Guise. You can also confuse a group of players with Hysteria.

When all 9 stacks are removed, you can turn into a Dreadlord for a minute if you use Give In To Darkness.

There are also Doomsayer NPC scattered around who will give you a pamphlet when you talk to them. There are 12 total and if you collect all of them you get It All Makes Sense Now" (Perculia, 2016).

Along with Order Halls, item sets have been found and images of them are available that you seem to obtain through the order hall. They look like slight recolors and altered shoulders to the Challenge Mode gear.







Lots of info and content to digest, how are you preparing for Legion?

Liking what you see so far? Let us know!

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