Legacy of a Hero: Tyr the Keeper

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To seek justice are you willing to sacrifice everything? Even yourself?

After defeating the great beast Galakrond, Tyr would help his siblings empower the five proto-dragons that assisted him. Though many years later, Tyr would face his most challenging opponent in the form of Loken. Loken, who had been plagued by Yogg-Saron, had fallen to the Old God’s influence. Tyr, along with Archaedas and Ironaya, decided that they needed information if they were going to take down the mad Keeper. So they plotted to steal the discs of Norgannon, which contained all the information that they would need in order to stop Loken.

So Tyr marched onward to Ulduar by himself, threatening Loken with dire consequences if he didn’t surrender control of Ulduar. Loken appeared to convince Tyr otherwise and an argument had broken out just like Tyr had wanted. While this was going on, Archaedas and Ironaya snuck into Ulduar and stole the Discs of Norgannon.

After the discs were secure, the three Keepers headed south knowing that Loken would soon notice the missing artifacts and hunt them down without mercy. When Loken did find out, he summoned two C’Thraxxi out of panic – creatures from the time of the Old Gods reign – and sent them to kill Tyr and his companions. It didn’t take long for the colossal creatures to catch up to Tyr,  those titan-forged who followed him, and his siblings.

The two C’Thraxxi, Zakajz and Kith’ix, fell upon Tyr and those who were with him. It was in that moment that Tyr solidified his place within history as he ordered everyone to flee while he held off the giant creatures on his own. He stayed and fought against the two monstrosities, refusing to retreat while innocent lives were at risk. He fought with the ferocity and spirit of Aggramar. For six days and nights, Tyr never budged. Yet neither did those that he fought against.

Fatigue began to set in on the mighty Keeper, and he had already made his final decision as arcane energy rippled through his form. A massive explosion appeared on the horizon as Tyr sacrificed himself to save those that were dear to him. When Archaedas and Ironaya went to go see what had happened, they saw the body of their fallen comrade next to the body of Zakajz.

Against all odds, he had slain one of the C’Thraxxi and severely wounded the other. They buried him and his foe where they laid, and placed Tyr’s silver hand on top as a memorial to his valiant sacrifice. The glade where the great fight had taken place would be named “Tyr’s Fall”, or Tirisfal in Vrykul tongue.

It was through his myth that Tyr unknowingly founded the Knights of the Silver Hand. While the Keeper of Justice has long been gone, his legacy continues to guide the world around us.

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