Kosumoth the Hungering – Complete Guide to Getting the World Quest

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The World Quest that was discovered by players looking for it was DANGER:Kosumoth the Hungering.

There is a series of steps that were kindly outlined by Nerfz, Blackfaded and Arcten on a Wowhead post (I want to make sure they get the credit for doing the leg work).

I have condensed all of the posts into one for easier completion. I ran through this myself to make sure we have the most update-to-date information available. I have also included screenshots which you can click to zoom on and a video outlining the process from beginning to end. I do recommend watching the video to avoid pulling your hair out, as some of these are very cleverly hidden and tough to explain in text properly. 

You can’t get the pet or mount from just grouping and killing him. You need to have the World Quest for this. Killing him without the World Quest activated will grant you nothing but trash items and a broken heart. 

Getting this World Quest has the chance to get:

The Pet: Hungering Claw

The Mount: Fathom Dweller

To get World Quest DANGER:Kosumoth the Hungering, you will need to complete the following steps in the order outlined below:

First Step – Speaking to Drak’thul
  • You will need to speak to Drak’thul.
    • You can find him on the outer bank of the southern part of Broken Shore. 
    • Coordinates: (38,72)
    • I took a Goblin Glider from Dalaran all the way to where he is located. 
    • Once you are done talking to him, make sure there are no more speech bubbles available when you click on him. Then you will need to go to the cave to get the relic.
Second Step – Getting the Relic
  • The cave is in Broken Shore should be at (57,52).
    • I had to die in front of the cave to be able to enter in ghost form and res inside the cave. However, since recording the video for this I found out you just need to re-log after talking to Drak’thul and the boulders are gone. 
    • Once you are in, go to the end of the cave and you will see a tiny mud pile.
    • Click it to loot Weathered Relic.
Third Step – Back to Drak’thul
  • You will then need to fly back to Drak’thul using the same Glider method as before. 
  • You will need to speak with him several times until he offers no more speech bubbles to click on. I checked one last time for good measure and he was kind enough to to tell me to go away. 
Fourth Step – You will need to click the Orb’s in this order
  • Edit: Since the making of this guide the orbs no longer have a cool-down. 
  • The orbs are purple and will be clickable.
  • To get to the flight paths quickly, you can use your World Quest Whistle as long as you are outside. The whistle does not work in the Broken Shore, so you will have to hearth to Dalaran. 


Orb 1: 
  • Take the flight path to Azurewing Repose in Azsuna.
  • Coords: 37, 37.
  • The entrance to the cave will be in the ground. See image. (You can click to zoom in.)
  • Script to check if you got the orb – It will say True if you got it, False if you did not. 
    • /dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43730)










Orb 2:
  • Take the flight path to to Lorna’s Watch in Stormheim.
  • Coords: 32, 75.
  • The cave will be in the tree so to speak. Just walk forward and you will be in it. For this one, there is a rare that will one shot you. So either have a friend to aggro or a pet. I died and just rezzed. If you hide by the orb you will not aggro the rare. (Click on image to zoom)
  • Script to check if you got the orb. – It will say True if you got it, False if you did not. 
    • /dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43731)










Orb 3:
  • Take the flight path to Lorlathil in Val’sharah.
  • Coords: 41, 81.
  • From the picture just walk right through where I am standing. Inside the gave is a mean Arcane Elemental. So be ready to have a friend sacrifice themselves or a pet to grab aggro for you to click the purple orb.  
  • Script to check if you got the orb. – It will say True if you got it, False if you did not. 
    • /dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43732)










Orb 4:
  • You will want to either hearth to Dalaran or take a flight path. Then use a glider to get to the Broken Shore. This one is tricky, so the video should help. 
  • Coords: 29, 78.
  • You will need to dive in the water to see the cave, it is a tiny triangle in rock.  
  • Script to check if you got the orb. – It will say True if you got it, False if you did not. 
    • /dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43733)










Orb 5:
  • Take the flight path to Felblaze Ingress in Azsuna
  • Coords: 59, 13.
  • For this one the cave is very hidden. Just walk directly forward from where I am standing. The video will help if you get lost.
  • Script to check if you got the orb. – It will say True if you got it, False if you did not. 
    • /dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43734)










Orb 6:
  • Take the flight path to Shield’s Rest in Stormheim.
  • Coords: 67, 14.
  • If you do not have it, then you can just use your raft or water mount if you have one after gliding close to it. The location is north of the flight path. It is out a ways from the island and you will see a hammer coming from the water. The entrance is super tiny so watch the video if you get stuck.
  • FYI – The steam jets in this cave will kill you, so it is best to stand away from them until it is time to click. The orb will be in the center of the steam jets.  
  • Script to check if you got the orb. – It will say True if you got it, False if you did not. 
    • /dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43735)










Orb 7:
  • Take the flight path to Skyhorn in Highmountain.
  • Coords: 55, 38. 
  • For this one you will go to where the hags are and you will need to jump off a cliff with a glider to glide to the side of the mountain. The cave you see here is a lie. You will need to turn right at the cave to get to the real cave entrance. 
  • Script to check if you got the orb. – It will say True if you got it, False if you did not. 
    • /dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43736)










Orb 8:
  • Take the flight path to Azurewing Repose Azsuna.
  • Coords: 54, 26.
  • This cave is really tiny to see the entrance. If you keep going forward from my screenshot, you fall into it. The video will show you where the orb is located, as it’s by a stump. 
  • Script to check if you got the orb. – It will say True if you got it, False if you did not. 
    • /dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43737)










Orb 9:
  • If you have the flight path to Eye of Azshara, you can take that. If not, you will need to glide from Dalaran and run the rest of the way.  
  • Coords: 79, 89.
  • This is tricky since the glider will likely not get you all the way there. I recommend sticking to the border when you drop and do not drop in the center. The mobs are tough to solo. To find the orb, I can not walk you through via text – you will need to watch the video. 
  • Script to check if you got the orb. – It will say True if you got it, False if you did not. 
    • /dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43760)










Orb 10:
  • You will need to glide back to Drak’thul on the Broken Shore
  • Coords: 37, 71.
  • The last orb will be sitting on the table.
  • Script to check if you got the orb. – It will say True if you got it, False if you did not. 
    • /dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43761)










Final Step
  • Now you can go back to Eye of Azshara as you should see the World Quest to kill him.
  • Coords: 46, 52.
  • You will need a huge group which does include heals and a tank. This guy has a lot of health and does a Shadow Bolt Volley that will need to be interrupted. I recommend numbering the interrupts and assigning them out. 
  • Adds will spawn that have to be DPS’d down or they will kill the other raid members. 
  • Remember – if you do not have the World Quest for this, you will not get the reward which may be the mount or the pet. 






Please see the video below before setting out on your journey to make it easier. If you have any questions, please comment below. Good luck! 









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  1. Ok I followed the directions, clicked all the orbs and turned it all in but didn’t get a world quest. Do I have to do it all again?

  2. Hello, thanks for the guide its well written and informative! I was wondering though once i’ve collected the orbs ect ect will I have to repeat the action every 2 weeks or will the world quest just pop up without having to collect the orbs again?

  3. Any Taurens managed to complete this? Stuck on orb #9 can’t seem to fit in the hole in the sunken wreckage to reach the cave.

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