Is Raiding Considered a Full-Time Job?

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In Warlords of Draenor, I have been extremely busy with raiding. Being in a Mythic progression guild, I am a full-time healer which means my attendance is crucial. Our roster is roughly about 28 players, giving the raid leader and officers the option to switch players in and out the raid. With intentions of killing Archimonde as fast as possible, the guild decided to add an extra day of raiding. We now raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday for a total of 9 hours a week. This is not considered hardcore raiding by any means, but I have felt otherwise in the last couple of weeks.

After my guild of two years disbanded late last year, I didn’t think I would come back to raiding due to a lack of time to do so. However, I was given the opportunity to server transfer from Undermine to Proudmoore to join a very skilled guild with a few of my old guildies. Because my guildies vouched for what they would call “exceptional” healing skills, I was able to join without the interview process. To be frank, I really hate the interview process and I also hate it IRL, so I was pretty lucky.

I am someone who has a lack of self-confidence and because I am a girl, I feel that it takes away from my perceived playing ability and keeps me from taking opportunities when they are presented to me. Being in 2016, these fears are silly, I know. Plenty of girls play WoW and I should not be afraid to stand up for what I do. As much as I consider myself a “people person”, I feel this huge amount of dread when speaking on Mumble. It is tied into a bit of shyness, but also because I have always felt observed. Not in the stalker-sort of The Police song type of way, but in a more judgmental sort of way. This is not only tied to men, but also to women. Luckily for me, my current guild has never been inappropriate about this or ever brought up the fact I am a girl. In fact, they are so cool about it that I am incredibly surprised and relieved.

For those of you who might feel the same way as I do when it comes to interviews, I thought I should show you some basic questions that are asked online during the recruitment process to be added to the roster of a progression/Mythic guild:

  • Age?
  • Class/spec (derp)?
  • What sort of resources do you use to learn a boss fight?
  • What do YOU bring to the table?
  • What do you expect from your officers?
  • Previous raiding experience?
  • Why did you leave your last guild?
  • … Do you stand in fire (lol)?

Basically, they want to know if you have a sense of humor and take your roles and responsibilities seriously. This is why the interview process is crucial in a Mythic raiding guild. You don’t want to invite someone who won’t contribute, has no sense of humor, and is poor at his/her role. But doesn’t this all sound familiar? When you go to a IRL job interview, those questions are asked all the time, but for different reasons. It’s why putting WoW on your resume isn’t such a bad idea after all! For more reasons why you should, check out my fellow writer, Conjurevodka, on his thoughts here! I am positive you can handle it. You just need to go out and do it!

With a full-time job that requires a lot of energy (mentally), it can be hard to focus during raids. With videos to watch, to be able to participate in discussions on how to provide a better strategy can be wearisome. There are times I feel that raiding is possibly not for me because I come home feeling drained from a full day’s work. You might tell yourself, “well quit”, but I don’t want to. I want to be able to juggle the responsibilities of life and provide for my team. It makes me wonder how players deal with it when children are added to the mix. Kudos to all the parents! I have a feeling of guilt as I feel that there are times I can’t give my 115%. It’s like feeling under the weather when going into work and you just know the day will be long and tedious. There are times when it hits me and I just want to drop it all and call it a day.

Food for thought… would my opinion change if I were paid to raid?

Honestly, I am not sure. It would definitely help in times where my motivation isn’t all there. Don’t get me wrong, Mythic raiding is a lot of fun. You get to experience challenging fights that require a lot of hard work and dedication. Killing the boss and having Mumble explode with cheers is extremely rewarding and not to mention, you get some incredibly awesome and unique gear. However, to get to that reward, a certain level of commitment is required and just how much are you willing to give to get that reward? That is what differentiates LFR and raiding with an assembled team for Mythic.

We are currently progressing on Mythic Archimonde who is, by the way, a pain in the butt. In a sense, you hope that he will be considering that he is the last boss of the final tier of the expansion. You will be wiping solidly in every phase of this fight to get the mechanics down to the tee. Our group hit a bit of a road block trying to figure out the most optimal strategy. Basically for those who are unfamiliar with the fight, the first 3 minutes of the fight requires some serious coordination. The fire needs to be soaked by a tank and a healer and it’s all about surviving! We have now achieved a new strategy to deal with the Wrought Chaos (the fire line) as follows:


As this isn’t a guide to Archimonde fight, I will not go into too much more depth, but the point here is that you basically have 5 seconds to form the lines that you see above which requires a very good amount of coordination and focus. If done correctly, you will help prevent a large amount of damage during this time and not die! /Cheer!

On paper, the concept looks incredibly easy. I cannot stress enough how hard this is to pull with 20 people. Basically, your mind needs to be clear and focused to execute something like this and I have to hand it to those who raid over 4+ days a week. It’s tough for someone like me who strives to top the meters and Warcraft logs.

With the overwhelming fears of failure, I know that I need to take a breather, grab a drink, and let loose. I cannot nitpick and make excuses for not doing what I love. I just feel there are times are where raiding feels like a good night in a bar with friends to pulling a heavy boulder with a really crappy magic carpet (not Aladdin’s carpet, but the one you use to slide down hills lol).

Anyone else feel the same way? It doesn’t need to be about Mythic necessarily. Raiding in general can be quite tough. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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