Interview with Chris Robinson and John Hight on Legion

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The interview that Wowhead did with Chris Robinson and John Hight was packed with lots of information which gives us a sneak-peek into the future at what may (or may not) be coming in Legion. With all they talked about it, it is important to highlight some of the most exciting things. For further information – please click the link to the interview at the conclusion of the article.

  • Smaller/medium sized patches will be more consistent instead of waiting due to delays.
  • They are unsure about releasing more often mini-raids due to the size of the Tomb of Sargeras, however they are receptive of user feedback.
  • More dungeons are definitely on their way.
  • 7.2 is not the final patch for Legion.
  • They are working on updating spell-caster animations, but no time frame was given on when to expect them.
  • Worgen and Goblin model updates are still coming and on the big list of things Blizzard are working on.
  • New hairstyles are coming, but there is an unknown time frame for when.
  • There are no further plans to change the way Legendaries drop. In 7.1 there was an adjustment to drop rate.
  • Some mini-holidays will have rewards and there is no meta-achievement for completing all mini-holidays.
  • World bosses and dungeons will be scaled up to remain relevant during the expansion.
  • There will be new recipes for crafting coming in the future.
  • It was announced that class mounts may change color based on spec, however there may be other ways to change the color of the class mounts.
  • A Gadgetzan revamp could possibly come with the goblin model revamp.

Those are just some of the major highlights of content and features we can look forward to in Legion and beyond.

Original Wowhead interview


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