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What is Heroes of the Storm…

Well, if you are a true Blizzard fan you won't have to ask that. For those of you who are uninitiated in the ways of the MOBA world, lemme break it down for you.

Heroes of the Storm is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena a.k.a., MOBA. Whether you are familiar with the genre or not, this is a great game to get into. As an avid MOBA player, I have played games from all across the genre. In my deep and intense research into this strange and foreign land; I have to admit that Heroes is by far my favorite.

So, you might be asking, "Solo what makes Heroes better/different than other games in the genre?" The answer is that Heroes is far more team and objective based than the other MOBA games that I have played. Heroes will punish you for not playing as a team. It will further drive that point home if you don't get the objective on each map. Oh that's right…THE BEST PART! You aren't stuck to playing on just one map!

That alone makes the game worth picking up, in my opinion.

Though there are other reasons…like the fact that you can play Illidan (who is the best character in WoW, no contest).  Or you could play some other no-name character like Kerrigan who leads a swarm of alien bugs I think? dunno…ILLIDARI FOR LIFE!

Anyhoo, so aside from all the previously mentioned awesome things, the game is actually really easy to pick up. Instead of buying items to make your character stronger, like in League; every few levels you get to pick up a talent that augments your character's abilities – making them stronger or giving them additional effects. Pretty simple right?

OH YEAH! You also get to ride around on a pony named Billie the Kid. It's pretty awesome.

Let's break down how the game works:

On most maps you have three lanes that minions from each side will spawn in and go fight each other to the death. As long as one person from your team is in the lane you will get experience for your entire team – in Heroes your team has a level instead of the individual player. You're in lane soaking in some XP and you have the enemy hero across from you doing whatever it is they are doing (probably picking their nose); you might be wondering, "What do I do Solo?", Well never fear, for I have the answer!

What you do is completely dependent on what kind of Hero you are playing. In HOTS there are four roles that players choose from: Tank, Assassin, Support, or Specialist.

Tank- It's pretty self explanatory, its your job to take the beating for your team and protect your squishes as best as you can. If they step out of your protection range, they are screwed. You are the shield that gets bashed in by that enemy, Nova, and laugh as you shrug it off.

Assassin- The group that my beloved Illidan belongs to. If you are playing an Assassin you do exactly that; you assassinate everyone who attacks your team – with the enemy squishes being your main target. If you try to assassinate a tank…well you are dumb.

Support- If you're one of those masochistic people who enjoys playing Support, it's your job to pretty much keep the other four people on your team alive. You heal and shield them, going OOM faster than a Warrior in WoW.

Specialist- By far, one of the most fun roles to play in this game. If you are a specialist you have the ultimate power to troll – if you are good enough. Most heroes that belong to this group have abilites and kits that aren't really covered by the other three roles. You are either dealing massive damage to enemy structures, or just zipping around the map like it's no big deal.

Ultimately the role you pick dictates what you do. If you like having your face smashed in – pick a Tank like Arthas. If you enjoy picking off fleeing enemies then pick an Assassin like Illidan. If you really don't want your team to die pick a support like Lili. If you really just want to make the enemy team regret every life choice that they have ever made, pick a Specialist like Gazlowe, and pair him with Sgt. Hammer.

Look at me throwing out all of these names, and you probably have no clue who I am talking about. Well don't fret because I am gonna be doing a bunch of guides for you guys and gals so keep a look out for them.

After all that though, you are probably wondering how do you win? Well the objective of the game is simple; get to your enemies Core and destroy it before they destroy yours. Really, that's it.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this brief tutorial guide into Heroes of the Storm. Lemme know what you think in the comments below!

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