Hearthstone Update – July 26, 2016

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In this Hearthstone update, Blizzard fixed a few bugs!

Which ones you ask?  Well read on, intrepid gamer!

(Note: this update will be available for Mobile platforms in the near future – we don’t know if this means “soon” or not.)

  • Blizzard fixed an issue that prevented some players from starting a game.
  • Morgl’s hero power is now correctly animated.
  • Quests should now display correctly.
  • [Mobile] Performance has been improved for mobile devices and tablets.
  • [Mobile] Those pesky vines that could show up during the mulligan phase have been pruned from Standard icons.
  • [iOS] iPhone SE should now display the correct UI.
  • [Apple] Addressed a crash on iPhone 6 Plus and Mac devices.

Check out the original post post by Blizzard and make sure to check back with us for your Hearthstone News here on PWNCAST Daily Quest.

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Hey Y’all!
Keos (Kay-oos) here I have been playing wow since vanilla. Back then i was a Warrior and was a main tank MC and other 40 Man raids. Towards the end of BC i became a Rogue. Not until WOTLK I fell in love with the class i call my main now, the Death Knight. I am not the hardcore raider that i use to be anymore. I still have the passion for WOW like the first day i opened the game for the first time. I most recently have started my adventure of discovering Azeroth from the side of the Alliance. Its an honor to be part of this great team of some of the greatest people I have meet in my adventures in Azeroth.

PS: Lok’tar Ogar

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