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Is Ben Brode’s baby cute?


Are there any more plans for co-op content?

We enjoy what they’ve done thus far, however more co-op modes are great

Are you looking to update the arena?

We are really passionate about the Arena. We are always working on technologies for balance for better tuning.

How does Yong get so handsome?

“I’m only second handsome-est to Dean Ayala.”

Are you interested in expanding Hearthstone’s lore?

Using short stories, yes.

Why no new key words?

Some mechanics are not widespread enough to require new key words.

Are you adding a new hero class?

We are looking into it, however we don’t want to make a new hero class that takes away from another.

Earning old card backs and the ranked ladder?

We’d love to add a way to earn old card backs. We are looking to update the ranked after seeing it in action.

Any look information on a Heartstone API?

No plans for the future.

Are you happy with the current release schedule?

We are always considered a new way to release new content, but as of right now we’re happy with the current schedule.

Talk about tri-class cards…

Balancing a card between three classes can be hard, however it can add something that the class wouldn’t have.

The health of Priest class and more archetypes?

We worked on three archetypes for Priest this expansion:” Dragon”, “Reno”, and “tricky Priest deck with lots of spells.”

How do you approach balancing Heroic bosses?

Difficulty is different for every player due to collections. The idea is to make the bosses fun for every player.

Do you think increasing frequency of new sets in Arena is overpowered?

When we have more control we’ll change the way we handle this.

How did Midrange Shaman become so powerful in Standard?

We knew Shaman was weak so we added new Shaman cards, but they weren’t doing so well. With that being the case we added more. We’re okay with it being at 55% since it was at 45% for so long.

How do you feel about the variance in Hearthstone?

It is important that sets feel different each time. Different types of cards will be good after new sets.

Does art come before design or design before art?

Lots of collaboration. Concepts are early for new ideas.

What about more in-person tournaments?

We’ve been talking about this for a while. What people want differs per player. Some want large brackets while others want high-intensity matches.

Where did Heroic Brawl go?

It is still coming.

Any plans on goals for people with maxed stats?

Hearthstone World Championship

How do you deal with backlash that possibly isn’t accurate?

It normally is from passionate players and generally is good feedback regardless.

Any hope with the more random autofill deck creation returning?

Possibly in a Tavern Brawl, but bringing back a worse autofill is not a good idea.

Any way to export collections so we can do this ourselves?

We’ve thought about making it so you can send decks to friends and such. Yong says, “Lets do it, Let’s make it happen.”

Are you okay with the Tempo based state of Hearthstone? What about more efficient AoE?

AoE is very important. After the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan there will be more AoE.

How do you think Class Balance is?

Ideal to have multiple classes together. We want to make sure every class has a time to shine.

Any plans for sideboards?

They are a cool idea that we can maybe try in a Tavern Brawl.

Could we get a practice mode against AI where we can build their deck?

It is a cool idea, but we have no plans to put that in as of now.

Anyway to group or favorite cards in our collection?

We talked about this a week or two ago, but there are no plans right now.

Do you think the intro process is too slow? People have had negative experiences at Fireside Gatherings.

We’re excited to improve this process, especially in these cases.

Any way to expand the game to more than two players?

We used the tools we had for co-op brawls. We will continue experimenting in that direction, but it’ll probably happen in small steps.

How about more physical events in HCT?

Lots of plans to leverage Fireside Gathering events.

Have you figured out how to release the Tyrande skin to other places in the world? When are other skins coming?

We’re interested in getting an alternate hero for each class. We could have these skins unlocked in many ways. Also, we are still working on Tyrande.

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